How to filter in Sales Navigator and build cadences with Kristina Finseth

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer, PandaDoc

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Team Lead, Outbound Account Executive

Kristina Finseth

Kristina Finseth Director of Growth Marketing, Interseller

If you’re timely, you’ve got the right targets and you can cut through the noise to reach the right buyer… 

Then your outbound can succeed without you ever even needing to mention your product, service or company.

That’s some outbound-avocado wizardry today’s guest, Kristina Finseth, Director of Growth Marketing at Interseller, shares with Patrick and Travis in today’s episode.

Along the way, the three:

  • Tackle a Tiktok talker
  • Pick apart a podcast product demo
  • Share some secrets on social selling