Lessons From The Lab: Headspace

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Sr. Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc

Cat Lim

Cat Lim Creative Director at Pyper, Inc.

Jan Aclan

Jan Aclan Marketing Operations Manager at Multiverse.io

In this special edition of The Customer Engagement Lab, our host, Travis, assembles a panel of marketing professionals for our first-ever Lessons From the Lab.

Cat Lim, Creative Director at Pyper Inc, and Jan Aclan, Marketing Operations Manager at Multiverse.io, join Travis in the studio for a roundtable discussion on recent purchase decisions and the popular meditation app Headspace. 

We’ll dive into it all – first impressions, what Headspace is doing right, and opportunities for improvement from the perspective of three marketing professionals.

Our panel will discuss: 

  • specific marketing and customer engagement strategies that B2C brands can leverage from B2B brands 
  • the importance of content clusters in your overall marketing strategy
  • the influence a 15-second TikTok can have on the buyer’s journey