Sales + CS Forever and Ever: Why It's Really One Team, One Dream and All Green

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Content Specialist

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Sales Enablement & Training Manager

Gemma Cipriani-Espineira

Gemma Cipriani-Espineira VP Customer Success, Chili Piper

A while back, Travis put out a LinkedIn question.

He wanted to meet people in Customer Success who were fun to talk to, had seen some crazy things, and had some cool stories to tell.

And the guys were quickly pointed to one of the best in the game.

In this episode, Patrick and Travis catch up with Gemma Cipriani-Espineira, Vice President of Customer Success at Chili-Piper, for her thoughts on the ins and outs of all things Customer Success.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Their dreaming up of the ultimate “revenue road trip” 
  • Why every department is a revenue department
  • How the B2B space can mirror the B2C in-store experience
  • Why “cutting the salesperson out” might not be the worst idea