Tap into the power of emotional storytelling like a 100-year-old nonprofit

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Sr. Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc

Rachel Barrett

Rachel Barrett Director of Marketing at Shorecrest Preparatory School,

Successful nonprofits do something that most tech startups and entrepreneurs try to do but rarely succeed. They tap into genuine human emotion. 

In this episode, Travis chats with Rachel Barrett, Director of Marketing at Shorecrest Preparatory School, about how she connects the emotional dots of her audience through storytelling, authenticity, and mission-driven messaging. Rachel shares her tips and a few examples of how to connect with audiences on a deeper, more meaningful level.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find, tell, and share an emotionally-compelling story
  • Why storytelling with emotion is better than focusing on product facts
  • What do good storytelling teams look like, and how to assemble one