Utah Room Rental Agreement

The Utah Room Rental Agreement is used when a landlord wishes to rent out a room within their property to a tenant, outlining the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement, including rent, utilities, and any specific rules or restrictions. This agreement is particularly useful for homeowners looking to generate additional income by leasing out spare rooms.

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Utah Room Rental Agreement

This lease is only valid for lessors wanting to rent a single room to a lessee. That room can be in the lessor’s home or a shared home where they rent the rooms to multiple tenants. As such, it’ll generally describe the house rules and what occupants must remember when renting.

Access to the Room

  • All tenants must have equal access and rights in a room rental. The only exception is when the landlord rents a room in their private home. Then, generally, the landlord and their family have primary access to the common areas. 
  • However, tenants have the right to a habitable space. That means their room must be well maintained, and they should have access to required areas. These areas include the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Once the lessee rents the room, it becomes their private space. As such, the landlord can’t enter without a notice period of 24 hours.
  • The lessee’s access to the non-necessary common areas can depend on the type of agreement. It can also be an implicit benefit instead of a right. In this case, the landlord can reasonably adjust the common areas without the tenants’ permission.

Guest & Pets Policy

  • There are typically regulations in place for guests. The lessor must allow guests to visit, but they don’t have to allow overnight guests. Further, if guests visit, they can be limited to where they’re allowed in the home.
  • Some landlords will also add clauses that guests staying over seven (7) nights can be a lease violation. They can also charge an additional renter fee if guests remain too long.
  • Utah doesn’t specify when a guest becomes a tenant, so it’s up to the landlord’s discretion.
  • There’s no law stating that lessors must allow pets. As such, pets are often not permitted on the property. However, should the landlord approve them, they can request a pet deposit and fee, requiring specific regulations.
  • Service animals are the exception to the above regulations.

Security Deposit Regulations

  • Security deposits in Utah have no maximum limit. Typically, they charge between one (1) to two (2) months’ rent.
  • Landlords must return the security deposit immediately if there are no deductions.
  • Should the lessor deduct fees from the security deposit, they have 30 days to return it and an itemized statement of deductions.
  • If they don’t return it within 30 days, the tenant can serve a legal notice to them that the funds are required. It can result in the lessee receiving back their full deposit and $100 in civil penalties.