Why PandaDoc is better than Biztree

Switch to PandaDoc from Biztree and enjoy CRM integrations, document analytics, and secure legally-binding eSignatures.

PricingOne-time feeSubscription based
AccessibilityDownload requiredInternet connection required
Built-in eSignatures
Online collaboration
CRM integrations
Drag and drop editor
Document analytics
Content library
Interactive pricing tables
Automated approval workflows

Better document creator

The PandaDoc document builder lives in your browser, plugs into your CRM, and allows you to create accurate, visually impressive documents in minutes. Move beyond Word documents with a more advanced document editor. The PandaDoc editor includes a drag and drop interface that makes creating stunning proposals, detailed contracts, and accurate invoices easier than ever.

Document analytics

PandaDoc document analytics give you insights into content usage and viewer interaction with real-time notifications. We put your team in the driver’s seat with analytics that helps you track documents, engage with customers, and close deals fast.

CRM integrations

Create, send, track, and sign your proposals, quotes, and contracts right inside your CRM software. PandaDoc has integrations with many of today’s leading CRMs. You can access documents right inside your deals and opportunities and create new documents without leaving your CRM. Data sync allows you to auto-populate your documents with prospect, product, and opportunity data to save you time.

Secure eSignatures

PandaDoc eSignatures eliminate the hassle of printing and scanning documents. PandaDoc allows you and your customers to use secure legally binding eSignatures to complete documents from any computer or mobile device. Never waste time printing, signing, and scanning a document again.

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Industry leading support

We offer a variety of support options to suit your needs and budget. Our support pandas are reachable via phone or email, and our help center is full of helpful videos and articles.

Api Support

Hundreds of templates

PandaDoc comes with an extensive library of templates for every business need, including specialized and industry specific proposals, invoices, and contracts.

Templates Library

Fast deployment

Most teams start using PandaDoc the day they sign up. If you’re a large team or enterprise, our custom onboarding solutions can help you get PandaDoc implemented faster than any other digital document solution.

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Impressive documents

The PandaDoc editor allows you to add images, videos, and interactive pricing tables to your documents. When you make the switch to PandaDoc, you gain a serious advantage over competitors that still send boring, traditional PDF and Word documents.

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Grow your sales

PandaDoc improves sales efficiency, making it easier to quote and close deals. Smarter documents, eSignatures, and CRM integrations are simpler ways to make sales and manage your business.

Document Integrations Contract

A cloud-based document solution

PandaDoc lives in your browser, so you can access all of your documents no matter where you go. Create a document in your office, track it from your phone, and sign it at home on your tablet. Every document is automatically stored in our secure cloud servers, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a laptop or USB drive.

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