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Users switching from DigiSigner to PandaDoc will enjoy better document creation, powerful team collaboration tools, and unlimited senders and signers on every plan.

Unlimited documents
Unlimited senders
Unlimited templates
Multiple signers
Custom branding
Signing links
In-document fields
Payment gateway
Document editor
Document storage
Analytics and insights
Content library
Approval workflows
Team workspaces
Mobile app (Android, iOS)
24/7 Customer Support

A document signing solution without limits

DigiSigner is a great starter solution for small businesses and organizations that are just starting out with digital signature software. The company offers a free plan that allows a single sender to sign three documents per month (similar to DocuSign) before requiring an upgrade to the Pro tier. But why stop there? If you have prepared documents that require an electronic signature, the PandaDoc Free eSign Plan allows you to send an unlimited number of documents for free. Sign documents and create an unlimited number of users at no charge with PandaDoc!

An entire library of editable templates

Like most other electronic signature solutions out there, DigiSigner allows users to create templates to reduce hassles with document creation and speed up the signing process. These templates are PDF documents that have been formatted and saved for easy reuse. PandaDoc allows you to do the same thing with your documents, but we also offer a template library with 450+ editable templates for use with our PandaDoc editor. This makes PandaDoc one of the best alternatives on the market when you need to jumpstart your document generation process.

Branding that matches your style

PandaDoc, like DigiSigner, offers a number of ways to help you brand your documents and create a lasting impression with your customers. With PandaDoc, you can upload a logo, change button colors, set up an email footer, and even remove “PandaDoc” from the subject line of any email that you send so that your company is top of mind when it’s time to sign that contract.

No API Required

Just like PandaDoc, DigiSigner comes equipped with an API to allow for integration and setup, but what if you don’t have a professional programmer on staff? With PandaDoc, you can connect to the software and services that you use to get business done. Our native integrations and third-party connection services make it easier than ever to add PandaDoc to your daily workflow.

One of the coolest features DigiSigner offers is the ability to send a link for fast and easy e-signature. PandaDoc offers similar functionality. All you’ll need to do is share a document link with your recipients. This is great if you just want to text a link to a customer rather than sending something through email. Did we mention that you can even track link sharing events through our audit trail feature? If someone generates a shareable link for the document, your team will be the first to know about it.

PandaDoc is more than a digital signature solution

An unparalleled document editor

DigiSigner, like most other e-signature solutions — including Adobe Sign, HelloSign, Nitro, and others — offer similar drag-and-drop editing tools. These editors allow you to add digital signature fields to your PDF files. But none of them come close to the PandaDoc editor. Our editor allows you to create complete documents from scratch, similar to Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can even use .doc files to create fully editable documents inside PandaDoc. This level of flexibility makes it easier to change and update contracts quickly and gives you the power to close deals faster than ever before.

Templates Video Proposal

An all-in-one fit for your business

Unlike many DigiSigner alternatives, PandaDoc doesn’t just stop at digital signatures. We offer solutions to help you handle every aspect of your business. Sales teams can use our software to create contracts and proposals.  Real estate agents use our editor to create sales materials and contracts for homes. Human resources departments use PandaDoc for new hire paperwork and other legal documents. How you want to use PandaDoc is up to you, but you don’t have to stop at simple e-signatures.

Artwork Flow

Contract management simplified

What should you do when you’re finished with your documents? Most electronic signature solutions don’t offer anything in the way of document management or cloud storage for your signed documents. You’ll find a few, like RightSignature, but even they don’t offer solutions to help you manage your entire contract lifecycle. With PandaDoc, you have everything you need to manage contracts up to, during, and after the signature process is complete. Keep your documents organized and accessible from within your PandaDoc account, or connect them with your CRM and compile everything in one place.

Search Documents

Integrate your tech stack

Sometimes, you need more than a standalone e-signature solution. PandaDoc helps you integrate with hundreds of applications so that you can create a seamless and streamlined workflow for your entire organization. Get real-time updates from CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, or give customers a safe and secure way to pay right from your contract or proposal. From importing documents to exporting contracts to your existing CRM database, PandaDoc creates a seamless experience for your entire team.

Proposal Integrations

User-friendly analytics and insights

One of the biggest advantages that PandaDoc has over competitors like DigiSigner, eversign, and others comes down to competitive insights. With PandaDoc, you can always find out what’s happening on the other side of the table thanks to document analytics. Every document you send with PandaDoc is tracked, so it’s easy to find out when someone reviewed your document. Discover how long customers spend on each page of your proposals, how often they return to your document, and where they spend the most time when they get there. This information can help you move deals along and improve clarity in future contracts.

Analytics Page

Better team management options

DigiSigner does offer some team features, but they aren’t as robust as what PandaDoc offers. In addition to team workspaces, PandaDoc offers the ability to create approval workflows for additional document review, as well as custom user roles that match your ideal policies and permissions. You can even lock content in order to avoid sending documents with unapproved changes. These tools empower your team to create the documents you need quickly without stepping out of bounds.

Team People

Enjoy an on-the-go experience

What happens when you need to access your documents on the go? You can always visit websites on your iPad or iPhone and try to navigate to your account, but PandaDoc keeps a mobile app for iOS and Android so that navigation is simple and easy. Simply download the app onto your mobile device, log in with your PandaDoc credentials, and all of your documents are accessible at your fingertips.

Mobile - App

Support when you need it

Everyone knows the frustration that comes with technical support. When you have a question and can’t get an answer quickly, your work can come to a standstill until a representative can get in touch. If the software company you use is located in a different timezone, it could take hours or days before you hear back. With PandaDoc, you’ll never have to worry about that. We offer 24/7/365 live chat support for every PandaDoc account so that you can get your questions answered and get back to work in record time.

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Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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