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Switch from Wufoo to PandaDoc to enjoy incredible document generation and form-building tools. Go beyond simple Wufoo forms and create business documents with ease using the PandaDoc drag-and-drop editor.

Form creation
Online form builder with database
Embeddable forms
Branding options
Payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal and more)
Integrations (Zapier, Salesforce, etc.)
Drag-and-drop form builder
Analytics and tracking
File uploads
Mobile app
Template gallery
API access
24/7 customer support
Electronic signatures
HIPAA compliance
Content library
Approval workflows
Custom document variables

Your brand, your way

Sales pros know that branding matters when sending documents and forms. While you can upload a custom logo with Wufoo, only PandaDoc gives you full branding and control over the user experience. Upload a logo, and create custom messaging for your email invites and confirmation pages so that your data collection process feels personal and unique.

Secure documents and data

Wufoo only offers field encryption for up to five (5) single lines of text. If you’re trying to maintain security and confidentiality, that might not be enough. With PandaDoc, every form submission is encrypted because our entire data process is secure by default. No matter what customization you bring you your online form, you’ll always have encrypted functionality every time you build a document.

Build flexible surveys and questionnaires

Need a contact form for your website?  Want to build a quick customer feedback survey to improve your internal process? As online form services, both Wufoo and PandaDoc can help you succeed. Use basic fields to ask questions, get answers, and quickly gather the data you need.

Support when you need it

Wufoo customer service handles requests via email between Monday and Friday, with priority given to users on more expensive plans. But why wait? With PandaDoc, you’ll have access to 24/7 customer support directly from your PandaDoc dashboard. Our support team will help you answer questions, provide tutorials and support resources, and more to help you get back on track in record time.

Go beyond basic forms with PandaDoc

Create the perfect follow-up document

From sales proposals to final contracts, PandaDoc has you covered. If your customer completes a Wufoo survey or submits information through a contact form, what happens next? If you’re using Typeform, Formstack Forms, or any other Wufoo alternative, you’ll need to move to a different software tool to send additional information.  With PandaDoc, you can create a perfect, personalized follow-up using the same drag and drop editor that you used to build your form.

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Onboard electronic signatures

When you need an e-signature to complete your document, PandaDoc helps you get everything signed, sealed, and delivered all in one place without a hassle. With Wufoo, you could pay for an additional service like DocuSign or GetAccept to acquire this capability, but you’ll need to pay for two separate services and integrate them.  With PandaDoc, legally binding electronic signatures are built into the platform.


Integrate anywhere

While PandaDoc can eliminate multiple pieces of software from your tech stack, tools work better when they are connected.  PandaDoc offers a host of native integrations, from Dropbox and Google Drive to Salesforce, HubSpot, and more. PandaDoc users can also take advantage of several payment integrations to handle credit card and ACH payment methods. Like Wufoo, we also offer thousands of connections through Zapier, so that you can connect to everything from WordPress to Mailchimp with ease.

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Save content for later

Creating incredible content requires creativity and constant iteration. PandaDoc helps you improve by allowing you to save and reuse content snippets from your content library. Did you have an incredible survey question that worked well on social media websites like LinkedIn? Save it for later and reuse it the next time you build a new form. PandaDoc helps you to optimize your online forms database during data collection and form creation.

Document Content Library

Automate your workflow

PandaDoc comes equipped with a selection of automation tools to help you build forms and other sales documents on the fly. Create reusable templates from existing documents using custom variables and snippets from your content library. Use CRM tools to automatically pull data into document fields based on existing deals and customer profiles. Whether you’re a non-profit working with minimal resources or a large company trying to save time, PandaDoc has a solution to fit your needs.

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Streamlined approval process

When you’re sending out new forms and proposals, having managerial checkpoints in place can prevent everything from grammatical errors to confusing questions and contractual mistakes. With PandaDoc, setting up an automated approval workflow is as easy as designating approvers and sending the document for a final review.  While small, this step can help to eliminate unforeseen problems before they happen.


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Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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