Government contract management software

Simplify your government contracting management process with a user-friendly contract management software solution. PandaDoc comes with intuitive software to help you manage your government contract from contract creation through your entire contract lifecycle.

Robust contracts for government contractors

Contract management is a vitally important process for all businesses but is particularly important with regard to government contracting. Every government contract requires a slightly different approach and requires government contract management software that gives you the flexibility to remain compliant with federal acquisition regulations and sundry state and federal government agencies.

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Meet compliance standards, exceed expectations

Government contractors need to perform to the expectations outlined in their government contract, and they must do so while remaining in regulatory compliance with any legislation enacted by state and federal government agencies. Each of these challenges is tough enough to meet on its own, so finding the right government contract management software typically helps generate a significant boost in operational efficiency.

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A consolidated view for modern simplicity

Contract management software stores and manages contract data related to vendor, leasing, and licensing agreements while streamlining administrative contract processes to reduce operating costs. The result is that contract managers are able to maintain a consolidated view of every step in the contracting process. More and more businesses understand the value of a bird’s eye view of their business processes related to CLM (contract lifecycle management).

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Streamline government contracts and more

The right government contract management software solution can help your business streamline contract and subcontract management as well as vendor management and asset management. By automating contract reviews, procurement, and document management with PandaDoc, you’re able to create audit trails from contract creation through the entire contract lifecycle in real-time via a user-friendly dashboard.

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Cost-effective contract management software

Among other concerns, contract managers need their contract management solution to help cut costs. Your contract management software needs to collect, support, and standardize all components of the contract lifecycle, from the initial request through drafting, negotiation, approval, execution, and renewal. By folding all of the processes related to contract management into a single contract management solution, your organization will inherently reduce wastes and root out workflow inefficiencies, improving your profit margins and becoming leaner in the process.

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Streamline your contract management system

Contract management can be unwieldy for contract managers, thus any software solution that simplifies it will help improve your operational efficiency and workflows. One of the challenges of contract management is the large volume of paperwork it creates. Automate recurring processes like the population of boilerplate contract data for new and existing contracts and track exactly where your contract is in the lifecycle in real-time.


Track your contracts with smart CLM features

Entire CLM is vital in order for government contractors to remain in regulatory compliance. Make sure you have the right CLM solution in place to manage your contract and any subcontracts throughout their whole lifecycle. Effective CLM requires contract managers to follow and maintain a record from the point of contract initiation through any contract reviews and through the ultimate execution of the complete contract. One of the upshots of CLM is that it automatically generates a compliant audit trail, making the event of an audit as painless as possible.

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Remain in regulatory compliance

Legal compliance is particularly important for government contractors, and PandaDoc contract management software has a number of features to help users remain compliant. Government contracts differ from standard enterprise contracts in a number of important ways, and your contract management software needs to help you manage these differences. One of the examples is the ability to create legally binding electronic signatures for your contracts.

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Staying compliant with state and federal regulations is one of the most important tasks for any government contractor, and one of the most important components of regulatory compliance is ensuring that all steps in the process of generating and executing your government contracts are appropriately transparent. Not only must your own actions as government contracts be transparent, but you must also maintain transparency regarding the vendors you work with in the process of executing your contract.


Track all changes over the contract lifecycle

Creating, negotiating, and finalizing a government contract requires many different participants to chip in their input, approve, and sign the final contract. PandaDoc contract management software was created with collaborative document creation in mind, which means that the back-and-forth nature of contracting is significantly more efficient. With PandaDoc user tools, you can share documents to any number of recipients to streamline the approval process, set up signing order and priority, and automate reminders for electronic signatures.

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Create and collect safe and secure electronic signatures

Part of government contract management is actually signing the contract. PandaDoc features tools for creating legally binding digital signatures that are ESIGN and UETA compliant. Users can assign specific signatory fields to specific individual signers, which ensures that all participants understand where and what to sign. All finished PandaDoc contracts bear a unique digital certificate that confirms their legitimacy in order to protect all signatory parties.


Get more government contracts

Of all the benefits of government contract management software, perhaps the greatest benefit is the increased ease of doing business. Not only is contracting easier for the contractor, but streamlining the process means that it is also easier for government agencies. As such, with an improved contracting workflow, those government agencies will have an easier time doing business with you, and thus will be more likely to approve your bids in the first place.

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What is CLM in the government field?

Whether you manage one or thousands, contract lifecycle management (CLM) helps you simplify the process and gives you control over your government contract management process. From contract creation to negotiation to the approval process and data reporting in the end, a government contract needs to be carefully administered, managed and enforced throughout its lifecycle.

Why is it so important to use contract management software for my government contracts?

Working with government contracts dictates that you strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system. Conformity to these processes requires that your government contracts meet the standard or not be considered at all. Whether you are onboarding new labor initiatives or forging a relationship with a new vendor, PandaDoc government contract software gives you ‘spend visibility’ to streamline contract analysis processes.

What is the Federal Acquisition Regulation System?

Federal contracts are guided by and subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system. The FAR outline the rules for contracting with the federal government and provides a foundation for many state and local agencies who have more freedom to structure their own contract management guidelines.

What is ‘spend visibility’ among my government contracts?

Spend visibility refers to readily available spend data generated across your government contracts. Analyzing your spend data has many benefits, including reducing costs, increasing efficiency or improving supplier relationships. Your spend visibility and analysis allows you to proactively pin down savings opportunities while maximizing your buying power.

Should I be concerned about my government contract security?

Yes, absolutely, but we’ve got you covered. Your government contract security is a top priority at PandaDoc, that’s why we’re SOC 2 Type 1 certified and fully GDPR compliant.  We use cutting-edge technology through Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure that any data you share with us is safe and secure.

Tell me about my government contract accessibility, can I share contracts with collaborators?

Yes, in fact, we recommend it! By assigning your staff and clients the responsibility to securely access specified government contracts from a centrally located area, you save time, money, and unnecessary headache. PandaDoc is available any time from any internet-enabled device so you can even access your government contracts on-the-go.

Should I set all my government contracts to “auto-renew”?

While some contracts are perfectly suitable for auto-renew and using this feature seems like an effective time-saver, setting all your government contracts to auto-renew could be a mistake. Consider how the contract renewal process helps you avoid lost opportunities to re-engage with your client or vendor for more favorable terms. Take advantage of this feature, but don’t shortcut yourself out of a better deal.