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Convert PDF to Excel

Want to transform PDFs to spreadsheet files for no cost? We have the perfect tool for you. Our intuitive PDF to Excel convertor allows you to convert files for free.

Your file will be uploaded to PandaDoc cloud storage. By using this service, you agree that the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice will govern the use of services you receive and personal data you provide respectively.

How to export PDF to Excel using PandaDoc

1. Upload the file

Drag and drop the file you want to convert onto the interface. You can also use the “Select files” option to import files from your hard drive.

2. Wait for the conversion

The conversion process initiates after the file is loaded. Hang tight while our algorithm makes the PDF convert to Excel automatically.

3. Employ the output

The converted Excel sheet will be saved to the default folder on your drive. Now you can edit it or share it with other recipients.

Why use the PandaDoc file converter?

Business owners and private individuals trust our online PDF to Excel converter because it is free and easy to use. Check out other advantages of using PandaDoc to change PDF to Excel online.

Keep your data secure after conversion

Keep your data secure after conversion

PandaDoc makes it possible to change PDF to XLSX with the help of an encryption protocol. Every file you upload to our web-based editor is deleted automatically right after the conversion.

Anyone can use this tool for conversions

Anyone can use this tool for conversions

You don’t need to be a technical guru to use our file converter. With the tools available on PandaDoc, you can easily learn how to export from PDF to Excel.

Cloud-based tools for faster editing

Cloud-based tools for faster editing

PandaDoc’s editing tools are hosted on the cloud, making it easier to convert a PDF to a spreadsheet across secure channels.

Conversions made possible from any device

Conversions made possible from any device

Regardless of your device’s operating system — Android, macOS, iOS, or Windows — you can convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets since the PandaDoc PDF toolkit is a web-based editor.

Maintain consistent document formatting

Maintain consistent document formatting

PandaDoc’s conversion algorithm helps you retain the original layout, structure, and formatting in the file after you export PDF to Excel. This will reduce the time spent manually editing the resulting spreadsheet.

Enhanced productivity and better time management

Enhanced productivity and better time management

Converting PDFs to Excel spreadsheets makes it possible to organize data faster. This increases productivity by reducing the time needed to transfer the data manually.

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Other PandaDoc tools

Using our free PDF to Excel converter also offers many exciting features that you can use for free. Let’s check them out.

Frequently asked questions

Can I convert a PDF into Excel?

Yes, there are several ways to turn a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet. But the easiest way to do this is to use an online converter like PandaDoc. Alternatively, you can manually copy the file to an Excel spreadsheet — but this process is too stressful and error-prone.

How do I convert a blank PDF to Excel?

To convert a blank document to a spreadsheet, upload it to the PandaDoc visual editor. The system will perform its magic within seconds, transforming your PDF to XLSX. Your converted file will be available for download immediately. The only problem when you convert to an Excel file this way is that the blank document doesn’t contain any data — which is a waste of time.

How do I save a PDF and keep formatting in Excel?

The simplest way to do this is to use PandaDoc’s online converter. Drag and drop the Excel worksheet onto the editor’s visual interface. Once the conversion is complete, you can check the output in the downloaded file. You will see that the data in the tables fit the cells of the spreadsheet perfectly.