Room Rental Agreement Ohio

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Room Rental Agreement Ohio

While Ohio isn’t a state with strict landlord-tenant laws, you should consider a few things. Ohio laws require the Right to Rent disclosures in all rental agreements. Ohio Landlord-Tenant Law requires disclosure of the name and address of the property owner or person authorized to manage the property. However, the requirements don’t stop there. 

Our room rental agreement Ohio template is the best option for landlords. It comprehensively explains all the laws and terms this document should contain. It’s available to use without any changes, but you’re also able to customize any part of this document.

The Right to Fair Housing

Our template contains the terms of the Right to Fair Housing and the procedures surrounding the Right to Complain to the Landlord. By adding these terms, you can see what terms the state of Ohio requires in this contract and don’t need to look for a detailed agreement. There are also laws surrounding fair eviction and notice periods before entering the premises. However, using this template, you’ll receive a document with these terms already included.

Notice of Entry

Landlords in Ohio typically must provide reasonable notice before entering a rental unit for non-emergency reasons. The notice period is usually 24 hours.

Security Deposit

Security deposits that the landlord holds for more than six months must gain 5% annual interest. This agreement also ensures you know that you must refund the deposit within 30 days while providing an itemized statement of deductions.

Retaliation Protection

Ohio law prohibits landlords from retaliating against tenants for exercising their legal rights, such as reporting code violations or joining a tenant organization.