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Users switching from Jotform to PandaDoc enjoy no-limit benefits for online forms, a full suite of content creation tools, 24/7 customer support, and more.

Embeddable forms
Drag-and-drop form builder
Conditional logic
Submission limits
Unlimited forms
Unlimited views
Unlimited submission storage
Unlimited payment submissions
Unlimited document signatures
CRM integrations
Storage integrations
Payment integrations
Email integrations
Email notifications
Document variables
Custom branding options
Extra document creation tools
Template gallery
Content library
HIPAA compliance
GDPR compliance
Team tools
Mobile app
24/7 customer support

Forms without limits

Without a doubt, Jotform is a powerful form creation tool. But the problem isn’t the builder — it’s the limits. Between the form limits, monthly submission limits, view limits, and payment submission limits, it’s easy to upgrade into a plan you don’t need just because you hit an overage on a single category in your plan usage.

PandaDoc does away with all of that. With the PandaDoc Enterprise and Business plans, you can build as many forms as you want, however you want. You’ll get 250 form responses with your annual plan with additional responses available for purchase at $2 per document.

Place forms when you need them

Like Jotform, PandaDoc allows users to embed forms wherever they need to go. Add an onboarding questionnaire to your website or a post-sale survey to an email with a hyperlinked call to action. You could even create administrative forms and consent forms for company use. With PandaDoc, you can insert the forms into any workflow, share them with links and embeds, and get responses faster than ever.

Integrate with your tech stack

Just like Jotform, PandaDoc offers dozens of integrations to help you do more with your form data. Store information in Dropbox or Google Workspace. Analyze your data in Google Sheets. Capture form payments with PayPal or Stripe. Connect with SaaS CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Hubspot CRM. PandaDoc offers both native and third party integrations (via Zapier) to help you connect your form data to your tech stack and your workspace.

Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.


For creating impressive documents that generate results.

$19 USD Seat cost per month, 2 seats max

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Key features:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. Templates

  3. Real-time tracking and notifications

  4. Rich media drag and drop document editor

  5. Document analytics

  6. Email and chat support

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For seamless integrations and sending documents in bulk.

$49 USD Seat cost per month

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Everything in Essentials, plus:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. CRM integrations

  3. RoomsNew

  4. Content library

  5. Custom branding and themes

  6. Approval workflows

  7. Forms*

  8. Bulk send*

  9. Salesforce integration*


For large companies with complex document workflows.

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Everything in Business, plus:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. Configure price quote

  3. Smart content (conditional content)

  4. Single sign-on (SSO)

  5. Team workspaces

  6. Reports

  7. Notary

  8. API*

Save up to 46%

Why switch from Jotform to PandaDoc?

Go beyond form creation

While powerful (especially when using widgets), Jotform Forms will only help you create forms. When you need to create quotes, contracts, invoices, and business documentation, you’ll need to use another tool. Thanks to our real-time document editor, PandaDoc offers the onboard functionality you need to create every type of business document. Create forms and docs all in one place using the same toolkit.


Build a library of incredible templates

While PandaDoc comes equipped with a robusttemplate library for all of your sales documents, you can also create your own form templates and save them to your PandaDoc account. For teams that want to create an expedited workflow or who use similar documents with limited customization involved, building an effective template library can increase efficiency across your entire organization.

Templates Library

Empower your content library

If you want to streamline document creation, automation is critical. PandaDoc helps sales teams do more in less by streamlining content creation with our onboard content library. Save text snippets, block configurations, and form layouts for fast and easy reuse. It’s even possible to lock permissions on pre-approved content to prevent further modification. Give your teams what they need to build forms faster than ever.

Document Content Library

Bring in your whole team

With PandaDoc, form creation doesn’t have to be a solo experience. While the document builder is a key feature of the PandaDoc platform, it’s easy to overlook the approval workflows and collaborative features built into our higher-tier plans. Bring in other team members to review forms and documents before they launch. You can even collaborate and negotiate with prospective customers as they prepare to sign other business documentation.

Team People

Get support when you need it

Jotform says they offer 24/7 support, but their response times can vary greatly. When you’re trying to work, you might not want to wait an hour or longer for someone to get back to you. With PandaDoc, you’ll have access to true chat support. We even offer premium support (separate from our usual pricing plans) if you need dedicated account managers or additional phone support. If you have a question, we’re always standing by to assist.

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Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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