Vaimo increases global productivity by over 25% with PandaDoc

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Vaimo is a full-service eCommerce solution provider with 12 offices across nine countries. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, they help merchants achieve their eCommerce goals.

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The problem

Vaimo needed a globally centralized solution.

Being spread across the globe brings its set of challenges, especially when it comes to standardization across the entire organization. With a high volume of proposals, contracts, quotes, and other client-facing documents being sent out — estimated at 270 in 2015 alone — ranging from a dozen pages to over a hundred pages each, Vaimo needed a centralized solution that would not only establish uniformity across its many offices and teams, but one that would also be more efficient.

Before PandaDoc, their process included creating quotes and proposals in Apple’s Pages, sending them out via EchoSign for signatures, and then sharing them with clients in Dropbox. Not only was this an inefficient process for quickly sending out proposals to clients, but it was difficult to keep track of what everyone was sending and if they were using the correct document types, company branding, and terms. Revisiting documents later was also a headache since there was no central storage system.


“It was terribly inefficient to prepare new proposals. Trying to find the best proposal to copy was time-consuming and after copying a previous proposal, you often ended up with errors. The result was a mixture of proposals and contract templates that did not give a consistent brand and quality experience.” Brendan Peo, Chief Operating Officer at Vaimo


“We lost control over contract versioning, items and pricing used, the latest proposal version sent, current contract status and final pricing commitments. We had no idea if the client read or received the proposal and we had no insight into which areas of the proposal or contract they were reading. Being an international company with offices in several countries, using different languages and currencies contributed to even more inefficiencies and frustrations.” Brendan Peo, Chief Operating Officer at Vaimo

The solution

They enabled standardization on a global scale.

With PandaDoc, this lack of awareness is no longer an issue. Peo now knows that everyone is using the correct company branding and terms through reusable templates and content items. He can easily track who’s sending out what and gain insight into how clients are interacting with their proposals through analytics.

PandaDoc has not only helped create a transparency across the organization, but it has also established a more efficient process across the board. They’ve even created a content bank to easily access pre-approved answers to frequently asked questions from clients.


“The PandaDoc team helped us prepare professional templates that reflected our brand, which are now easily accessible by all of our team members. This ensured that all new proposals and contracts sent out are consistent, accurate, and professional. PandaDoc helped us regain control over our proposal and contract processes. We are now introducing PandaDoc to other departments within Vaimo, like Project Management, so they can benefit from the same efficiencies and control that the sales team has experienced.” Brendan Peo, Chief Operating Officer at Vaim

With the ability to easily find and use the correct client-facing documents, and create a consistency across their global teams, PandaDoc has given Vaimo the standardization they needed.

Through the use of analytics, they’ve developed a better document process by understanding what clients are focusing on within the proposals. And, they routinely receive positive feedback on the design and usability of their proposals from clients, with many asking about PandaDoc itself.

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