PandaDoc for Zoho CRM

Create, send and track quotes, proposals and contracts from within Zoho CRM

  • Create, deliver and eSign sales collateral
  • Auto-populate potential data within docs
  • Build interactive error-free quotes
  • View every doc related to a potential
  • Track opens and views

With the Chrome extension you can: create, send, track and eSign quotes, proposals, contracts and other collateral from within Zoho.

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Turn Zoho potentials into revenue faster

PandaDoc provides everything you need to build sales collateral directly within Zoho — pre-populating potential data with all of your custom fields, contact information, products and pricing details seamlessly into your documents. No more copying and pasting.

Send error-free documents, track them and allow your clients to sign docs using our secure and legally binding eSignature technology.

Build interactive sales collateral from within Zoho

PandaDoc makes it easy to create proposals inside Zoho CRM thanks to automatic data transfer, an intuitive document builder, and custom document templates. New documents will automatically populate key product and contact information, users will be able to craft detailed, accurate documents with embedded content and media, and it’ll all happen faster than ever thanks to PandaDoc templates.

Close deals faster with eSignatures

PandaDoc eSignatures shorten sales cycles by eliminating the frustrations associated with the traditional document signing process. Your prospects will be able to review and sign documents from their computer, smartphone, or tablet without sacrificing document legality or security.

Never copy and paste tedious details again

PandaDoc pulls data from your potentials and automatically pre-fills your documents with the client-specific details.

Build interactive error-free quotes

Pricing your products and services is easier than ever with PandaDoc. Product data automatically populates inside your quotes and proposals, and you can build interactive pricing tables that include discounts, optional items, editable quantities, and taxes in seconds.

Track opens and views

Analytics help you maximize your efforts during every stage of the sales process. PandaDoc gives you insight into how your sales templates and content are impacting performance and engagement analytics detail when and how prospects interact with the documents you send them.