Government Proposal Management Software

PandaDoc provides federal contractors and government agencies with a set of tools to accelerate the proposal creation process, easily track documents, and avoid unnecessary errors

Paperless proposal management solution

How our software can help with proposal automation

Work with your existing documents and software

With PandaDoc custom integrations and just a few clicks, you can import contact details, proposal templates, company and client information, and more. It takes only minutes to create custom proposals, and an array of collaboration tools make it easy to communicate with your team and approve documents before they are sent.

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Eliminate the hassle of paper documents

Working with paper documents is costly, time-consuming, and painful. Because PandaDoc is an all-in-one solution, you can send, track, and eSign all types of documents for a fraction of the cost, and in a much shorter time. Our fully-integrated electronic signature, payment, and real-time tracking tools ensure that no part of the approval process, for either your team or recipients, needs to involve printing or faxing of a document.

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Securely store eSignatures and important documents

Adding eSignature options to government proposals and approvals is a simple motion of dragging-and-dropping the appropriate fields in the document editor. You’ll automatically be alerted whenever an eSignature is required from management, or when a recipient signs off. All signatures are kept securely in our cloud storage, which is compliant in over 42 countries.


Collaborate in a time-saving online environment

Our proposal creation tool enables fast and effective collaboration. You can create automated approval rules, notifying yourself and relevant parties when a document is ready to be sent, or a signature is required. Instant communication is made possible by in-document messaging features that are even available when editing a document. Furthermore, you can create separate workspaces with relevant permissions for different teams and projects.


Keep track of all your documents with powerful real-time analytics

Effective tracking of proposals, approvals, and applications is one of the significant challenges faced by government agencies. Using the simple yet powerful PandaDoc analytics dashboard, you can keep up-to-date with all your documents, from the second you send them to the moment a recipient adds an eSignature. You can even track and compare employee performance metrics, like time to complete, use of content, and the number of individual-specific closes.

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Automate time-consuming tasks

Our proposal management software comes with an array of powerful automation features to further streamline document generation and management. Whether you need approval from a federal government department, send PDF copies to your cloud storage, or follow up with a recipient, many time-consuming tasks can be automated.

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Quickly and easily integrate with your existing software

PandaDoc integrates with a ton of apps and software solutions. You can connect to CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft, eradicating the need to update contacts, document statuses manually, and reporting information. You can also integrate with third-party cloud storage services, payment processors and gateways, accounting software, analytics tools, and more. A host of Zapier integrations and a flexible API also enable you to automate and streamline all of your document workflows.

Quickly and easily integrate with your existing softwareQuickly and easily integrate with your existing software
Quickly and easily integrate with your existing softwareQuickly and easily integrate with your existing software

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Which types of documents are compatible with PandaDoc?

You can import documents that are in a docx, Google Doc or Word format and convert them into PandaDoc templates if you wish. Within PandaDoc, it’s also possible to upload and send any of the following formats: .pdf; .doc; .docx; .xls; .xlsx; .ppt; .pptx.

Is all data processed and stored securely?

The security of your documents is a priority for us. We are SOC 2 Type 1 certified and fully GDPR compliant. Our AWS (Amazon Web Services) data-handling centers are state-of-the-art and we also conduct due diligence on any third-party providers we use.

What is the difference between a formal RFP and a PandaDoc proposal?

Our software is good for proposal responses to new business opportunities but does have some limitations in a formal RFP (competitive bidding) process.

Can I try the PandaDoc proposal management solution for free?

You can try PandaDoc for 14-days for free. No credit card required. Sign up here.