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Users switching from Google Forms to PandaDoc will enjoy better analytics tools, e-signature functionality, improved integrations and branding, and much more.

Google FormsPandaDoc
Custom online form builder
Unlimited form submissions
Unlimited website usage
Drag and drop form builder
Form customizationLimited
Multimedia in forms
Embed forms
HIPAA compliant forms
Analytics & data collection tools
File uploads
Document creation tools
Mobile app (Android / iOS)
Conditional logic
Electronic signature capture
Payment integrations
CRM integrationsLimited
Custom branding & labelingLimited
Form templatesLimited
24/7/365 supportLimited

Build forms in record time

Google Forms, like many of its competitors (Jotform, Typeform, etc.) use drag-and-drop editors to create conversational forms and surveys using a variety of question types.

PandaDoc takes a similar approach, but we take things a step further by providing the tools to help you automate form creation and data capture. Whether you’re building website contact forms, want to post a quiz on social media, or you want to prefill a form with Salesforce or HubSpot data, PandaDoc offers customization options for fast, enterprise-level form creation.

Put your forms anywhere

Rather than using plug-ins or add-ons to build website-specific forms, both Google Forms and PandaDoc provide embed codes that allow you to place your forms anywhere you need them.
Simply load the code onto the landing page of your choice, and the form will materialize. This approach effectively eliminates the need for extensions WPForms or Ninja Forms when building for a specific CMS (like WordPress).

Compatible with Google Workspace (and others)

Some of the best Google Forms alternatives (Wufoo, Formstack, etc.) won’t interact with other Google tools, forcing you to examine form data within Microsoft Excel or via the backend of your CMS.

However, for PandaDoc users, the story doesn’t end there. PandaDoc integrates with Google Drive and Google Sheets for data mapping and bulk document creation. Data collected via PandaDoc Forms can also be exported into Google Sheets via CSV, so you can still crunch and index data using dedicated and familiar tools.

You can also use PandaDoc to connect to other tools (Slack, email marketing tools, Zapier, etc.) so that you can go beyond Google and use your data in exciting new ways.

Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.


For creating impressive documents that generate results.

$19 USD Seat cost per month, 2 seats max

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Key features:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. Templates

  3. Real-time tracking and notifications

  4. Rich media drag and drop document editor

  5. Document analytics

  6. Email and chat support

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For seamless integrations and sending documents in bulk.

$49 USD Seat cost per month

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Everything in Essentials, plus:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. CRM integrations

  3. RoomsNew

  4. Content library

  5. Custom branding and themes

  6. Approval workflows

  7. Forms*

  8. Bulk send*

  9. Salesforce integration*


For large companies with complex document workflows.

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Everything in Business, plus:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. Configure price quote

  3. Smart content (conditional content)

  4. Single sign-on (SSO)

  5. Team workspaces

  6. Reports

  7. Notary

  8. API*

Save up to 46%

Why switch from Google Forms to PandaDoc

Full-scope, drag-and-drop builder

If you’ve used Google tools in the past, you’re no stranger todocument creation. That’s what makes PandaDoc one of the best alternatives to Google Forms. Using PandaDoc, you can create incredible forms, salesproposals,contracts. Best of all, you can still use Google Docs to build your drafts before you import them to PandaDoc. We also offer email notification, real-time editing, and a host of other features to make form and document creation easier than ever.

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More dynamic form formats

While PandaDoc does offer standard form options (radio buttons, checkboxes, multiple choice dropdowns, etc.), the free-form layout that PandaDoc provides allows you to build forms that feel unique to your brand. It’s also possible to use formatting tools to add text blocks, custom fonts, e-signature requirements and more, improving form functionality and a more holistic user experience.

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Advanced features for document creation

Going beyond forms, PandaDoc provides tools for end-to-end document creation. Using our document editor, it’s possible to build quotes, contracts, invoices, and a variety of other documents without ever leaving the platform. For small businesses looking for tools like Google Forms and the rest of the Google Workspace, PandaDoc is an excellent option.


Collect online payments with ease

PandaDoc makes it easy to collect payments on any type of form or document, not just payment forms or invoices. Use our onboard payment gateway to process respondent payments via Stripe or PayPal and automatically have those funds deposited into an account of your choice. Whether you’re building an online survey, a registration form or a detailed contract, payment submission is always simple and secure.

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Create robust team workflows

With PandaDoc, teams can work together to build any kind of form document. Collaborate together within our document builder to generate sales documents, customer feedback forms, and more. Use approval workflows to ensure that documents are approved before signoff. Create team workspaces, set custom user roles, review work on all mobile devices, and more.


Support anytime you need it

While PandaDoc is a user-friendly and approachable platform, sifting through knowledge bases and FAQs for answers might not be feasible when you have a question. Fortunately, PandaDoc offers 24/7/365 live chat support for all plans! Our team is available to help you find answers and get back to work, no matter what. Premium support is also available for users who prefer dedicated account managers and/or phone support options.


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Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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