20 Time-saving tools and tips every entrepreneur should know

Time-saving tips and tricks: Achieve more in less time

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The way we work has changed. Now, we’re all working remotely and enjoying flexibility – rolling out of bed 5 minutes before signing on or squeezing in a mid-day workout. But let’s be honest, this shift had a big side effect: burnout. We found ourselves working from everywhere, all the time.

We ran a survey with OnePoll to understand how this shift affected us. Over 2,000 participants shared their experiences. Some loved the new lifestyle, but 14% found it hard to maintain a work-life balance, and 24% struggled with not having the right equipment or software.

Sounds familiar, right? That feeling of exhaustion from the sudden switch to working from home. And with 56% of companies going remote or staying that way, remote work isn’t going anywhere.

But here’s the good news: burnout doesn’t have to stick around. Our eBook is packed with 20 actionable tips and tools to help you avoid burnout, achieve work-life balance, and make time for what matters most.

And that’s where PandaDoc comes in. We’re all about saving you time. Instead of spending hours crafting the perfect business proposal from scratch, use our business proposal software. It’s got customizable templates, so you can whip up a professional proposal in just about three minutes.

If you’re spending too much time sending and signing documents, check out our eSignature software. Collect signatures wherever, whenever you want. It’s quick, secure, and even lets you track document status from your mobile device.

These time-saving solutions become even more powerful when integrated with a CRM. You can manage vital documents without leaving the apps you’re already using, making PandaDoc an essential part of any business’s sales development toolkit.

Ready to transform your productivity? Let’s make sure the blurred lines between work and home life and the resulting burnout, become a thing of the past.