The ultimate time-savings playbook: 20 tips and tricks to save hours in your day

The ultimate time-savings playbook: 20 tips and tricks to save hours in your day

Spendless time on tedious tasks, and more time focusing on what you love

The way we work has changed. Although the sudden shift to remote work offered more flexibility, it also came with one pretty big side effect: burnout. 

The absence of clear lines between work and home meant that not only could we work from anywhere at any time, but that we did work from everywhere, all the time

To get a better understanding of just how much modern workers were affected by this major shift, we ran a survey together with OnePoll. Over 2,000 participants shared their challenges and highlights from this new remote working lifestyle: 

  • 34.6% enjoyed rolling out of bed 5 minutes before signing on
  • 25% loved working out in the middle of the day
  • 14% found it difficult to maintain work-life balance
  • 24% were challenged by not having the equipment or software needed to do their job 

Tell us if you’ve heard this one before, but navigating the overnight transition to working from home left us all more than a little bit exhausted. Maybe you can relate. 

With 56% of companies are either going remote or staying remote, one thing we know for sure is that remote work is here to stay.

Let’s make sure that the blurred lines between work and home life, and the resultant burnout, are not. 

Our ebook gives you 20 actionable tips and tools to make sure you have everything you need to avoid burnout, achieve work-life balance, and dedicate time to the things that matter most. 

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