Selling your ideas, selling your work, and selling your soul

A mood board can be a challenging thing for a client to understand…

Especially when your face is splashed all over it.

For a creative designer, it’s important to get outside of your head and remember to walk your client through what could very well be a traumatic experience (if their face looks like Patrick’s, anyway). 

(Just kidding, but you should see him in that hat.)

Today, Travis and Patrick talk with Cat Lim, Creative Director at Pyper, Inc., about sales strategies for creative agencies.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • How creative agencies can stand apart in cold emails/cold calls
  • What intrigues and annoys us in outreach
  • How a creative agency sold PandaDoc
  • What a mood board even is
  • What creatives should remember when pitching designs to customers
  • Patrick’s closing strategy of screaming “Sign it!”