Psychopath or success story? How and why to stay at a startup for 7+ years

Bored at work?

It’s probably not your job.

It’s you.

Travis used to cry in his car at lunch. It wasn’t the job. It was Travis being unprepared for the job.

Bored sales pros never cry. They just switch companies. Pretty soon they’ve done commercial sales for 7 organizations and are trying to jump to an 8th because — get this — they’re bored again. 

Quit that sh*t!

It’s bad for you, worse for your company, and a disaster for your personal life.

On this episode of The Customer Engagement Lab, we talk about lateral job hopping, why we do it, and how to stop. Our guest isJosh Gillespie, Sr. SaaS Executive who’s currently building PandaDoc from zero to infinity.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • Why we get bored at work
  • RepVue — it’s like GlassDoor for sales people
  • Why you shouldn’t pick what’s behind Door C