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Month-To-Month Rental Agreement Template

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Use this free month-to-month rental agreement template to create rolling monthly contracts with your clients in a fraction of the time it would take to draft a full document from scratch. It includes pre-written sections covering rent, deposits, maintenance, cancellation, and more.

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Month-To-Month Rental Agreement Template

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[Owner.FirstName][Owner.LastName] (Owner) and [Tenant.FirstName][Tenant.LastName] (Tenant) hereby enter into a month-to-month rental agreement for the above listed property (Property) pursuant to the terms of this agreement. This agreement shall commence on (Commencement.Date) and continue on a month-to-month basis so long as Owner and Tenant wish. This agreement is not a lease. If Owner or Tenant wish to engage in a formal multi-month lease agreement at any time, a separate lease agreement will be required.

This month-to-month rental agreement shall be considered null and void upon (a) cancellation according to the terms below, or (b) signature of a formal multi-month lease agreement by Owner and Tenant.

Rent & Fees

Monthly rent for the Property is $ (Rent.Amount) per month. Rent for each month is due in advance, no later than the 3rd of each month. Rent does not include any of the following, which are the sole responsibility of the Tenant:

  • Gas

  • Electric

  • Water

  • Trash

  • Internet/TV/Phone Service

  • Garbage Pickup

Rental Payment may be made in the form of cash, check, or money order at the following address:



If payment is sent via mail, Tenant is responsible for ensuring payment is delivered to the Owner by the 3rd of each month, and is responsible for any late fees caused by delayed delivery.

If rent is not paid by 5pm on the 3rd of each month, Tenant agrees to pay a late fee of $(LateFee.Amount) in addition to the monthly rent amount. If Tenant is unable to pay monthly rent in accordance with this month-to-month rental agreement, Owner reserves the right to serve notice to vacate the Property in accordance with [Property.State] law.


Property is to be occupied only by Tenant and their dependents (listed on the final page of this agreement). While Owner recognizes the Tenant's right to have occasional guests, Owner reserves the right to be notified of any guests residing in the Property for longer than fourteen (14) days in a given month. 

Tenant agrees not to sublet, assign, share, or rent space to guests not listed on this agreement without prior written consent of the Owner.


Tenant agrees to have no pets residing at the Property without prior written consent from the Owner. The table below lists the pets which the Owner is currently aware of, and has approved for occupancy at the Property:

Pet Type

Pet Description

(Pet Type)

(Pet Description)


Tenant is responsible for paying to Owner a refundable security deposit of $ (Deposit Amount) prior to establishing residence at the Property. 

This deposit will be held by Owner for the Duration of this month-to-month rental agreement, and will be returned to Tenant if Tenant chooses to end this agreement and vacate the premises according to the cancellation terms below.

Owner reserves the right to issue partial refund of the deposit at the conclusion of Tenant's residence at the Property in accordance with (Property State) law. This includes deductions for:

  • Repairing damage caused to the Property by Tenant & their guests

  • Cleaning beyond normal wear & tear

  • Unpaid rent, late fees, or utilities


Tenant is responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the Property. Owner agrees to perform routine maintenance including:

  • Annual HVAC Servicing

  • Annual Roof Inspection

Additionally, Owner agrees to be held responsible for any mechanical breakdowns within the Property, including plumbing & HVAC breakdowns not caused by improper use or neglect by the Tenant.


The Owner recognizes the Tenant's right to privacy as required by [Property.State] law. Thus, Owner agrees to enter the Property only for the following reasons:

  • in case of emergency

  • to make necessary or previously agreed-upon repairs, modifications, or improvements to the premises

Agreement Cancellation

This month-to-month rental agreement may be cancelled by either the Owner or the Tenant at any time. To allow for reasonable preparation by both parties in the event of the agreement's cancellation, both Owner and Tenant agree to provide thirty (30) days' written notice of their desire to cancel this agreement.

Approved Occupants

Owner hereby acknowledges and approves the following individuals for residence at the Property pursuant to the terms of this month-to-month rental agreement:

Occupant Name

Occupant Age

This is a legally binding document. Please read each section of this month-to-month rental agreement thoroughly before signing. This document is intended to define the rights & responsibilities of all parties involved (property owner and tenant). If any issues shall arise during the duration of this agreement that are not specifically addressed above, such issues shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of [Property.Country]​ and the state of [Property.State].







Month-To-Month Rental Agreement Template

Used 5,001 times

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