PandaDoc payment collection software

Get paid 3x faster with PandaDoc. Put payment collections on autopilot and automate invoice creation with PandaDoc. your collections on autopilot and make it easier than ever to get paid. PandaDoc’s payment collection software make it ridiculously easy to put collecting payments, invoice creation, and sending payment reminder emails on autopilot. ‌

PandaDoc payment collection software
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Experience a secure and straightforward in-document payment process like no other!

Speed up your payment process

Say goodbye to waiting to get paid. PandaDoc eliminates late payments and payment excuses with a setup that’s simple to set up and easy to use. By adding a payment block into your document, you eliminate the roadblocks of having to manage a  disconnected payment portal. Your customers can quickly sign your document and instantly submit payment through their preferred payment gateway — all without having to leave the document. 

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Quickly accept down payments

Offering flexible payment options opens the door to opportunities you might not have won if you had charged the total amount upfront. Budgeting restrictions or other limitations can cause some customers to choose not to pay in full upfront.  

PandaDoc gives you the ability to provide flexible payment options for all your clients. This feature means you can easily charge a certain percentage or collect  a down payment during the initial document signing to secure the contract and keep the deal moving forward. 


Simplify the payment process

Payments and accounting can take a lot of time and energy, but PandaDoc helps simplify the entire process. Collect payment at the exact moment the document is signed, which decreases the time you spend chasing down payments. Payments can also be sent directly to your accounting software for simpler invoicing. PandaDoc’s payment collection software also lets you easily set up recurring payments and subscription charges. 

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Easily integrate with your current tools

PandaDoc can work with tools you already use to help lighten your workload in other areas. Integrate PandaDoc with your accounting software to automatically connect your payments. This feature alone saves tons of time and energy when it comes to invoicing. Other integrations include Salesforce, Zapier, Canva, Zendesk Sell, Insightly, Pipedrive, Zoho, and Dropbox. You can view all integration options here

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Frequently asked questions

Is PandaDoc’spayment collection software free?

PandaDoc does provide a free version, which allows you to utilize some fantastic features. We also offer  a free 14-day trial that gives you the opportunity to experience PandaDoc hands-on and see exactly how it can help support your team and business. If you choose to upgrade, you can access advanced  features and integrations at an affordable price. Learn more about PandaDoc’s plans here

Does PandaDoc’s payment collection software integrate with PayPal?

Yes. You can set it up so that your customers can pay with PayPal, ACH payments,  and credit cards. PandaDoc works with many secure online payment gateways for you to choose from, including Square, Stripe ACH, PayPal, and more. 

How can I collect recurring payments online?

PandaDoc integrates with PayPal,, Stripe, and Square. After collecting a customer’s payment and billing information, you can automate a subscription or recurring payment in a few simple steps

Is PandaDoc’s payment collection software secure?

Yes. PandaDoc only works with secure, trustworthy payment processors, which are PCI DDS compliant. Some of these payment processors include, QuickBooks, Stripe, and Square. Additionally, PandaDoc uses tokenization as a means of protecting payment information.

How do I set up PandaDoc’s payment collection software?

Setting up payment collection in PandaDoc is simple and effortless.  When creating your form, go to the right panel and click “Apps.” Next, click “Payment” and add the payer’s name and total amount. Change the currency or payment method, if necessary. Then, publish or send your document and wait for your payment to come through. It’s that easy. 

For a more in-depth explanation, read this guide.

Can I set up automatic payment reminders?

PandaDoc lets you set up automatic reminders if your documents have not been signed or paid. Click on “Settings,” “Settings” again, and then “Auto reminders settings.” You can then choose to have reminders sent after two separate triggers. The first trigger is after a set number of days. For example, you might send a reminder after three days or a week of inactivity. You can then choose for the reminder to be sent every week or so until the task is complete or the document expires.

If you have any further questions about our payment collection software, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!