Looking for a DottedSign alternative?

Users switching from DottedSign to PandaDoc will enjoy a fully loaded document editor, robust electronic signature and auditing tools, and 24/7 live support.

Legally-binding electronic signatures
Signing order
Audit trails
Mobile app
Basic signing fields
Reminders and notifications
Document importing
Guest signing
Personalized stamp / eSignature
Signer attachments
Request attachments
In-person signing
Custom branding
Unlimited documents
Unlimited users
Document editor
Template library
Approval workflows
Document analytics
Document analytics
Pricing tables
Payment gateway
24/7 customer support
Content library

Add simple fields to documents

Creating and formatting documents for e-signature should be easy. That’s why DottedSign and PandaDoc both use a simple, drag-and-drop interface to help users format existing documents. PandaDoc takes this a step further by offering more complex signature fields and layout options while focusing on ease of use for preparers and signers alike.

Digital audit trails for maximum visibility

When it comes to digital signatures, audit trails are everything. Just like DottedSign, PandaDoc offers audit trails so that you have a clear insight into the signing process. Our audit trails are attached to your document directly, so you only need to review a document in order to see who prepared, sent, viewed, and signed your contract or proposal. All the information appears as a visual progress bar in your document sidebar, so details are easy to spot and follow.

Multiple digital signatures per document

Have more than one signer for your documents? No problem! Both DottedSign and PandaDoc allow you to add multiple signers to your document. Simply add in names, email accounts, and signature fields, and you’re good to go. With PandaDoc, you can go even further by adding a signing order to your documents. This allows you to request signatures in a specific order and smooth out hiccups with your sales contracts by signing major project stakeholders first.

Import documents with ease

If you already have an existing document library, both DottedSign and PandaDoc can help you import contracts, templates, and more. With PandaDoc, you can import PDFs and use our basic tools to create electronic signatures — but importing with .docx and .doc files will give you the most flexibility within the PandaDoc editor. With these filetypes, you can save, edit, and revise documents on the fly — one of the key features that sets PandaDoc apart from the competition.

Bring your entire team

PandaDoc has the infrastructure you need to bring your entire team on board. While DottedSign offers an Enterprise plan with some attractive features, PandaDoc offers team workspaces, custom user roles, content locking, bulk send, and more for teams who need to get work done. Don’t believe us? If you’ve already got documents and you just want to sign them, try our Free eSign Plan to get your documents signed today for free — with no signature task limits or freemium charges.

Go beyond e-signing with PandaDoc

Build incredible documents in minutes

You never get a second chance at a first impression. That’s why PandaDoc doesn’t stop at e-signing and digital signatures. With the PandaDoc editor, you can create stunning proposals, contracts, quotes, and more. The best part? You can do it in minutes with our drag-and-drop document editor. Add your headers, text, images, and more to create jaw-dropping documents on the fly. This solution sets PandaDoc apart from other e-signature software, including major competitors in the space like DocuSign, SignRequest, HelloSign, and SignNow.

Search Documents

Real-time document analytics

Have you ever wondered what your customers are doing before they sign your documents? With PandaDoc, you can find out. Our platform delivers document analytics to help you figure out what’s working and what isn’t. Learn who opened your document, how long someone spent on a page, how many links they clicked inside your document, and more.

Analytics Page

Approvers for your signing process

To avoid critical mistakes, it’s important to have an approval process in place before you send your document. With PandaDoc, creating an effective approval workflow can be done in seconds. By assigning an approver to your team, you’ll have a final checkpoint in place before your document is sent who can make sure that important details like pricing and personal information are correct before your customer can access the document.

Workflow Approval

Sign documents and collect payments

After customers sign your contract, they still need to pay. Most electronic signature solutions can’t help you with this problem. You’ll need to direct customers to a website or send a separate invoice. With PandaDoc, customers can do everything inside a single document thanks to payment gateways. By integrating with your preferred payment gateway and attaching the appropriate fields to your document, customers can pay upfront for your products and services so that you can get started quickly.


Contract management made easy

If you don’t stay on top of it, paperwork can get messy. PandaDoc has search tools, folders, and other essential contract management tools in place so that it’s easy to build new contracts and manage existing commitments. Because we keep copies of all contracts within our secured cloud services, you don’t even need to download your contracts and sort them separately. Everything is done inside the PandaDoc platform and can be accessed instantly from anywhere.

Artwork Video Proposal

Integrate your e-signature solution

Whether you need to import your documents from Google Drive or Dropbox, or whether you need to connect to popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, PandaDoc can help. We offer a variety of native integrations so that you can seamlessly connect your document creation and management platform to the rest of your tech stack. And, just in case you don’t see a native integration, we also partner with Zapier so that you can connect to over 2000 apps.

Proposal Integrations

A better mobile experience

PandaDoc knows that modern mobile platforms are critical to contract management. With that in mind, we’ve built a robust app for most mobile devices so that you can access your PandaDoc account on the go. Our software is fully accessible from Android, iPhone, and iPad devices and is tailored for the best user experience on each platform.

Mobile - App

A library full of templates

If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to document creation, PandaDoc can help. In addition to helping you transform your existing documents into PandaDoc templates, we also offer a template library with 450+ templates to choose from. From sales contracts to lease agreements and more, PandaDoc can help you jumpstart your document creation process.

Library Blocks

Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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