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Customizable template library

Creating business documents from templates is a great way to save time and ensure a professional look. FormSwift offers a template library, but it’s not customizable and editing is restricted to certain fields. PandaDoc provides a massive, completely customizable template library to help users create documents effectively and have a competitive edge. Additionally, users can create custom on-brand templates with personalized design, interactive content, and more.

Versatile file sharing and collaboration

FormSwift users can send forms to various recipients via email but PandaDoc offers greater flexibility when sending business documents. Recipients are assigned specific fields and docs are shared either via email or via shareable links. Access to these links can be password-restricted for extra security, great for more sensitive documents. In addition, PandaDoc internal and external users can comment on shared documents, making collaboration between parties simpler.

Flexible approvals

FormSwift lacks custom approval features, but where FormSwift is lacking, PandaDoc excels and the process of getting your documents approved is easy. Set your own customized approval workflows, including automatically passing the document to the next approver when someone is unavailable. You can also receive alerts to track approval status.

Effective and efficient teamwork

The entire PandaDoc solution is designed and optimized with teamwork as a top priority. Create customized team workspaces, set specific user permissions and roles so that relevant team members have access to the right documents they use every day.

Monitor document status

When you’re trying to close a deal or collaborate with an external team, the ability to track the activity of your documents is a valuable feature. FormSwift users can’t see when their documents are opened or viewed. But PandaDoc can centrally track every document activity in real-time including opens, views, signing status and more.

Manage your business documents securely and efficiently when you switch to PandaDoc

Iron-clad security

When your business is handling potentially-sensitive documentation like budgets and contracts, you need to be certain that everything’s secure. Information on FormSwift’s security measures for documents is rather slim. In contrast, PandaDoc is transparent with users about the multi-layered security procedures in place to protect your data, so you can always be confident that you’re secure.


Fast, secure electronic signing

With PandaDoc, users can use the integrated eSignature functionality to quickly and easily add professional digital signatures to any document. Our electronic signatures are fully secure and compliant, making them legally binding and suitable for documents such as contracts. Add eSignatures with a single click, monitor the status of your doc with the audit trail, and save time by avoiding the hassle of hand-signing your documents.


Build better documents

Creating your own professional business documents has never been easier. PandaDoc enables users to create all kinds of documents from scratch using the innovative document editor. Use templates to start then customize each document however you’d like by simply dragging and dropping elements from the content library. You can even seamlessly transfer data from your CRM via one of our numerous integrations. FormSwift features are restricted to preset document templates and a PDF editor for formatting and building documents, limiting options significantly.

Design Styles

Integrated software support

Even if you’re part of a small business, you’re probably using several different software services for your operations, so compatibility between providers can save a lot of time and money. FormSwift does not support software integrations or have an API, limiting its usefulness significantly. PandaDoc has 14 CRM integrations, helping you to merge existing data and save valuable time. Zapier connections are also supported, so you can use other tools that aren’t integrated out-of-the-box.

Document Integrations Contract

More efficient sales

When you’re trying to close deals, time is of the essence. PandaDoc is an all-in-one sales solution for businesses. Handle every stage of the sales process with ease, from building proposals to creating interactive quotes, eSigning, document tracking, and even securely taking client payments directly in the documents, by credit card or other payments.

Flow Finance

Universal business document creation

FormSwift’s basic document creation features make it limited in what you can achieve when it comes to business documents. PandaDoc gives users the freedom to build and format any kind of business document you could ever need, from legal documents to service contracts, bills of sales, and more.

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