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PDF document formatting
Electronic signature
From-scratch document creation
Document uploads
Document editing
Unlimited templates
Org & flow builder
Form builder
Custom forms
Embedded forms
Payment gateways
Audit trails
Team workspaces
Approval workflows
API tools
24/7/365 support

Streamlined PDF formatting

Even before its acquisition by Dropbox, FormSwift was celebrated for its ease of use in PDF formatting. However, it’s just as easy to format and prepare PDFs for signing in PandaDoc. All you’ll need to do is upload your document to our editor and set you signing fields using our drag-and-drop formatting tools. The process is similar to what you’ll see in FormSwift and other SaaS applications like Dropbox Sign or DocuSign. But, for PandaDoc, this type of editing and e-signature capture is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ready-made templates for startups & SMBs

FormSwift offers a huge collection of templates in its library, but how does it measure up to the 1000+ customizable templates in the PandaDoc library? Unlike FormSwift, PandaDoc allows for total control over document modification. Pick a template from the library and import it to the document editor. Change the text, redesign the layouts, and modify the content to suit your needs. When you’re done, save your copy as a template for fast and easy reuse.

Improved eSignature functionality

Like FormSwift, PandaDoc offers the ability to capture e-signatures for sent documents. While PandaDoc eSigning is a single-click procedure, most of the authentication work happens behind the scenes. All interactions on documents sent through PandaDoc are tracked via audit trails, and you’ll receive notifications when documents are viewed and signed. This functionality not only allows you to track user activity; it also adds clarity around user behavior and intent to sign. When documents are signed, all relevant and identifying signature information is captured and embedded in a unique digital signature certificate that can be used to prove the identity of the signer.

Why switch from FormSwift to PandaDoc?

Go beyond basic PDF editing

FormSwift is largely a PDF editor and isn’t configured to handle other formats. This is fine if you’re using the platform to quickly sign documents for personal use, but it’s limiting if you need to customize your documents for business use. Rather than using various apps like word processors and online signing tools to fill this gap, PandaDoc consolidates these features into a single platform that you can use for end-to-end document creation. Start with a blank page (or use a template from our template library) and build the documents you need in our online editor. When you’re done, send them for eSigning, capture payments, and archive completed docs without ever leaving the platform. It’s that easy.


Create custom documents & forms

Do you need to create more than personal legal forms and standardized tax forms? PandaDoc offers a robust document editor that allows you to create documents entirely from scratch. Whether you need a business plan, a service contract, an invoice, or a business proposal, our onboard document editor is the perfect solution for this task. You can also use the editor to build web-based forms, edit PDFs, and more.


More efficient sales

When you’re trying to close deals, time is of the essence. PandaDoc is an all-in-one sales solution for businesses. Handle every stage of the sales process with ease, from building proposals to creating interactive quotes, eSigning,document tracking, and even securely taking client payments directly in the documents, by credit card or other payments.

Design Styles

Build better templates

While FormSwift legal documents are relatively thorough, they don’t offer much in the way of customization or personalization. Because PandaDoc allows you to create any documents you need, you can build the documents you need and save them as custom templates for later use. When created in PandaDoc, your own documents are also customizable, so you can tweak and customize them without the hassle that comes with editing PDF files.

Document Integrations Contract

Integrate your tech stack

Most documents aren’t created in a vacuum. Companies need to generate sales documents for leads, contracts for customers, financial statements for accountants, and more. With PandaDoc, you can connect your document generation to the rest of your tech stack. Use native integrations to connect to CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot to import customer data or to payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal to collect payments directly from the PandaDoc platform.

Flow Finance

Around-the-clock customer support

If you’re running a small business, you may not have time to search through knowledge bases and FAQs to get the answers you’re looking for. With PandaDoc, just ask! We offer 24/7/365 support for all PandaDoc plans, so you can get help when you need it and get back to work. Premium support options are also available if you’d like to chat on the phone or prefer to have a dedicated support specialist on your side.

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