Swapping from Icertis?

Users switching from Icertis to PandaDoc will enjoy in-app document editing capabilities, onboard e-signing, 24/7 chat support, and much more.

Icertis Contract
Management (ICM)
Contract authoring
Unlimited templates
Drag-and-drop document builder
Collaboration tools
Onboard e-signing tools
Approval workflowsLimited
Optical character recognition (OCR)
Notifications & reminders
Dashboards & reporting tools
CRM integrationsLimited
Productivity integrationsLimited
Payment gateways
Clause & content library
Form creation
Organizational charts
Lifecycle management tools
Works with businesses of all sizes
Onboard AI tools
Audit trails
Secure encryption
GDPR compliance
Mobile app
API access
24/7/365 Customer support

Full-scope contract lifecycle management

Icertis Contract Management, like many of its competitors (Agiloft, Concord, Apttus, etc.) offers total control over the CLM process. The platform delivers functionality for managing the creation and deployment of contracts at scale, ensuring compliance through the use of AI and specialized account permissions.
PandaDoc offers a similar suite of services and tools by safeguarding the contract management process with approval processes and workflows designed to empower every stage of contract creation. Manage all end to end processes without ever leaving the PandaDoc platform, no matter whether you need to create quotes, contracts, invoices, NDAs, or any other type of business document.

A centralized workflow for every document

As a contract management solution, Icertis offloads key components of its contracting process to third party suppliers. The platform relies on Adobe Sign or DocuSign to handle electronic signature capture and relies on Microsoft Word to handle redlining and contract modification.

This approach leads to inefficient workflows and business processes as users are constantly switching between providers and tools in order to push contracts forward.
PandaDoc offers a user-friendly way to eliminate task switching by consolidating many tools into a single platform. Build documents using the onboard, real-time document editor. Handle contract negotiations and e-signatures within PandaDoc. Our authentication and security tools will ensure contract validity while you focus on risk management, customer success, and other key contracting duties.

Automation your contracting process

Like many SaaS contract management suites — including DocuSign CLM, Ironclad, Oracle, and others — Icertis offers an entire suite of workflow automation tools to expedite your CLM processes. In particular, the platform offers Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI), an AI-powered contract management tool that allows for easy comparison and review. It’s a powerful tool, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

However, at the end of the day, ICI functions by catching errors, tracking changes, and relying on automation workflows that must first be configured into the Icertis contracting platform.

While PandaDoc doesn’t offer an onboard AI, all of the same tools are already in place. Use the content library and product catalog to ensure compliant language is used when generating contracts. Set account roles and use version tracking to see what changes as contracts are negotiated.

In Icertis, ICI is useful due (in part) to clunky UIs and a fragmented document management process. PandaDoc eliminates many of those problems by keeping everything on the platform and presenting documents in a true-to-life format rather than in side-by-side, clause-based comparisons.

Why switch from Icertis to PandaDoc?

Improved document creation

Bring end-to-end document creation into your CLM process with the PandaDoc drag-and-drop editor. Upload and modify existing contracts, create new documents entirely from scratch. Store completed documents, approved clauses, and more within the onboard content library and use those assets to configure and create business documents on the fly. 


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Streamlined document management

Track process with dashboards, analytics, and document automation workflows designed for every stage of the CLM process. Understand how customers interact with documents, which templates perform best, and what steps should be taken in order to close deals even faster. Once contracts are signed, take advantage of our renewal system to track contracts during their dormancy cycle and automatically remind customers of upcoming renewals and pending negotiations.


Integrate with apps you love

Connect PandaDoc with your entire tech stack through native integrations. PandaDoc integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, and over a dozen other CRMs. You’ll also be able to connect to document storage tools like Google Workspace or Dropbox and to productivity platforms, payment gateways, and a host of other apps.


Simplify your content management process

Whether you’re in procurement or healthcare administration, document processes are difficult enough without handing off to multiple tools. With PandaDoc, you’ll be able to consolidate your entire document workflow onto a single platform. Create, send, sign, and store documents all in one place. Salesforce users can even sync PandaDoc to the CRM and merge the PandaDoc creation process with the Salesforce opportunity workflow.

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Combine CLM & CPQ processes

Expand your CLM process to include CPQ workflows. Configure documents using the PandaDoc content library and onboard product catalog. Price out service costs within your documents, then quote those costs to customers with beautifully designed proposal documents built entirely on the PandaDoc platform.

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Get support when you need it

Tired of waiting for Icertis help desk support and dealing with limited authorized user restrictions? With PandaDoc, you’ll have access to 24/7/365 live chat support. Our human-powered support staff is always available to assist with issues and answer questions. Premium support options are also available if you prefer dedicated account managers and/or phone support options.

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