Delegate menial and repetitive tasks to Automations

Streamline the processing of documents after signing.

Delegate menial and repetitive tasks to Automations

Move your document workflow forward

Spend less time processing
doc-related tasks

Use pre-made automations to reduce the time you spend on manual tasks, such as updating your CRM or sending a follow-up once the document has been signed.

Automation Cards

Boost your team’s productivity

Focus more on value-added work rather than repetitive tasks. Our easy-to-use automated workflows ensure that all the boring stuff happens in the background.

Seamlessly integrate with other tools

Enjoy a hassle-free, two-way sync between PandaDoc and other important tools, like CRM, finance or HR software, without having to deal with manual updates or any other unnecessary hassles.

Automation Cards

Integrate with your favorite tools

Out of the box integrations with your CRM allow your team’s proposals to get out the door faster and eliminate manual data entry errors.

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Integrate with your favorite toolsIntegrate with your favorite tools
Integrate with your favorite toolsIntegrate with your favorite tools
Where Automations are handy
Focus on actual selling and turning prospects into customers rather than processing tons of documents manually. Easily connect with sales tools like Salesforce, Zoom, and Stripe to sync your data across platforms with no extra effort required.
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Business Owners
Offload manual processing of documents to Automations. Enable automated exchange of documentation across HR, sales, marketing, and finance, while you focus on strategic business growth.
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Customer Success
Automate organization and processing of candidate and employee documentation. Leverage smart recipe workflows like creating a candidate record in Greenhouse or moving a doc to the employee record in BambooHR — all from one place.
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IT & Ops
Ensure a secure and efficient flow of documents across your organization. Set up Automations for a smooth data sync between your business systems (such as CRM, ERP, and data storage), ditching manual doc processing and related errors.
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It And Ops
Allow Automations to distribute your latest marketing collateral across all related systems and teams automatically. Just select recipe workflows that work best for you and eliminate time-consuming data transfer routines.
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  • Customer Success
  • Hr
  • It And Ops
  • Marketing

Setting up Automations is easy

Open a document template

Open a template you’d like to set up an automation for, then select Automations at the top of the page.

Create an automation

Click “Create automation” and choose a desirable action from the list. Once you set up an automation within your template, any new documents created from that template will inherit the same setup.

Enjoy the ease of use

Utilize your automations, and tweak them easily if needed. To disable or delete them, go to the top of the page, select Automations, and switch off the toggle beneath any features.

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Frequently asked questions

How do PandaDoc Automations work?

PandaDoc Automations feature will trigger an action, once the document status changes to Sent or Completed. Automations work with templates — so, when you set up an automation within your template, all new documents created from this template will inherit the automation.

What actions do automations perform?

Automations perform the following actions: send another PandaDoc document, move a document to a PandaDoc folder, save a completed PDF on cloud storage, change the stage in CRM, update or add a record in CRM, and create a record in HR tools. Read more here.

Which types of documents can have automations applied?

You can apply automations to any type of document inside PandaDoc — proposals, contracts, quotes, financial documents, and others.

Can I configure automations within a template?

Yes. After you configure settings at the template level, all new documents created from that template will inherit the automation setup.