PandaDoc HR

  • Streamline recruiting & onboarding documentation
  • Automate document completion and filing
  • Cut time spent on documents by 50%
  • Increase compliance to 100%

More than 6,000 companies trust PandaDoc

Who Uses PandaDoc

HR Executives

  • Control document access by role or department.
  • Track all HR documents from a central dashboard.
  • Streamline your organization’s onboarding and training document workflows.

HR Managers

  • Spend less time creating documents for new hires.
  • Easily track documents once you’ve sent them.
  • Easily share handbooks, guides, and HR documents with managers and employees.

Training Managers

  • Track training documents from a central dashboard.
  • Automate training document approval, review, and signatures.
  • Ensure training documents are complete and accurate with tokens and required fields.

Why PandaDoc

Simple Compliance

PandaDoc’s template and content libraries allow you to control the documents your Human Resources team accesses every day. You can rest assured that everyone in your organization is using the correct documents.

With required fields, you can certify that every HR document is 100% complete before it’s filed.

Cut Time Spent on Docs by 50%

It takes just seconds to create and send HR documents with PandaDoc. Using templates and our powerful integrations, you can choose the document you want to send, automatically fill it with key employee and company details, and send it securely to employees all in less than a minute.

The Secure Digital Solution

PandaDoc uses the same encryption technology that’s trusted by NASDAQ. Rather than creating public web pages for each document or sending them as email attachments, PandaDoc encrypts your HR documents in a cloud environment.

With PandaDoc, you can leverage cloud document technology to streamline your business without sacrificing security.

Works With the Tools You Know & Love

PandaDoc offers out-of-the-box integrations with more than 30 of today’s leading business software tools, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

TPD cut onboarding time by 75% and saved $18,000 per year with PandaDoc.

Kelsey Boyd Director of Business Systems & Processes, TPD
  • $3,700 saved per month
  • 188 hours saved per month
  • 75% decreased onboarding time

HR teams don’t have months to spend customizing and learning to use a new tool.

That’s why we designed PandaDoc to be the easiest, most cost-effective digital HR document solution on the market. You can send your first documents with PandaDoc within 5 minutes of signing up, and most organizations can completely customize and deploy PandaDoc to all HR employees in less than a week. The best part? There are no hidden implementation fees or pricey feature upgrades.

Automate your HR documents today!

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