Maintenance contract management software

Boost the efficiency of your contracting process with a user-friendly service contract management software solution. The PandaDoc contract management system comes with intuitive software features to help you manage your maintenance contract from contract creation through the entire contract lifecycle.

Contracts and field service software for contractors

Here’s how the key features of PandaDoc contract management software give you the tools, flexibility, and scalability to thrive as a service and maintenance contractor.

Contract management for any industry

Contract management plays a particularly important role in businesses at every level. Not only must service contractors execute their contracts to a customer’s expectations based on the original service agreement, but they must also hustle for new business while servicing existing contracts.

Over time, these challenges can be difficult to overcome for most contractors on their own, so finding the right contract management solution can offer contract executors a significant boost in their operational efficiency.

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Enterprise-level contract management

More and more maintenance and service contract businesses are adopting contract lifecycle management tools to stay on top of their business. Typical contract management software solutions manage various forms of categorical contract data and pull it under a single umbrella to give users a unified view of the entire contract lifecycle.

By combining data such as asset management, vendor, leasing and inventory information, PandaDoc contract management solution will help reduce costs and streamline administrative processes for your service and maintenance contract business.


All of your contract data brought together

With PandaDoc, all of your service agreements and contracts, any associated subcontracts, related vendor agreements, and asset management processes will all be under the same software interface, which means that all operational data is available and easy to cross-reference in real-time.

View the entire service history for your contract’s entire lifecycle and search for data based upon existing and customizable search parameters.

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Flexible contract management for your process needs

PandaDoc key features will help with your business processes concerning: contract creation and set up, invoicing, supply chain management, warranty management, new contracts, work orders, service level agreements (SLA), approval workflows, revenue leakage, service delivery, preventative maintenance, enterprise resource planning (ERP), contract renewals, customer satisfaction and help desk support.

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Simple and affordable contract management software

PandaDoc makes it easy and inexpensive to gather, support, standardize and unify all operational data related to your maintenance contract.

From initial request, through drafting, negotiation, approval, execution and renewal, you’ll be able to manage all workflows quickly and conveniently.

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Manage your customer relationships and increase revenues

Executing service and maintenance contracts is all about customer satisfaction, and PandaDoc contract management system features many tools to help manage your customer relationships.

Set up reminders for preventative maintenance and other field service dates, organize and execute work orders, manage approval workflows, and improve your service delivery processes. Happy customers turn into return customers and returning customers increase revenues.

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Track your service contracts with smart CLM features

It is vital that your contract management system tracks all changes and modifications to your maintenance contracts and any related subcontracts over their entire lifecycle. PandaDoc contract management software was created with collaborative document creation in mind, which means that the back-and-forth nature of contract negotiation is significantly more efficient.

With PandaDoc, you can share documents with any number of recipients to streamline the approval process, set up signing order and priority, and automate reminders for electronic signatures.

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Create and collect safe and secure electronic signatures

Part of maintenance contract management is, of course, actually signing the contract. PandaDoc features eSign technology that allows you to create legally binding digital signatures that are ESIGN and UETA compliant.

Users can assign specific signatory fields to specific individual signers, which ensures that all participants understand where and what to sign. All finished PandaDoc contracts bear a unique digital certificate that confirms their legitimacy to protect all signatory parties.


Get more maintenance contracts

Of all the logistical and operational benefits of maintenance contract management software, the greatest single benefit to service contractors is the increased ease of doing business with them.

Not only is contracting easier for the contractor but streamlining the process also results in it being easier for the client as well. Anything you can do to make doing business with you easier can only help bring in new clientele and repeat business, which will ultimately increase revenues.

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What is contract maintenance?

Contract maintenance governs the prescheduled periodic services you provide to your client for equipment, tools, buildings, computers and other property. Contract maintenance gives your customers the ability to budget for maintenance costs on a predictable basis as well as maintain their equipment over a period of time. It’s also a great way for you to extend the life of your contracts by renewing contracts with satisfied customers for ongoing service.

What should be included in a maintenance contract?

Maintenance contracts need to include clear definitions, especially when defining the parties involved and the services to be provided. Outline your fees, expenses, and payment details as well as the contract length and termination procedure. Finally, your maintenance contract should indicate any confidentiality considerations as well as an indemnification clause describing your client’s responsibility for damages resulting from misuse.

How does a maintenance contract work?

A maintenance contract defines services being provided on a predetermined basis, usually for on-schedule and preventive maintenance. When a service becomes contractually due, you must deliver the service(s) within the terms of the maintenance contract. Maintenance contracts commonly refer to facilities,  equipment, and vehicle maintenance and often include cleaning, troubleshooting, and general upkeep and repair services.

What are the other types of maintenance documents that are important to use?

Your maintenance contract may include supplemental documents to support the terms of the contract. This may include the original proposal or scope of services document, which illustrates the services in a structured and detailed itemized list. Other documents commonly seen with maintenance contracts are those outlining any reimbursable costs as well as warranty and guarantee information.