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A fast, easy, and absolute gorgeous way to generate proposals and close deals faster.

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What are proposal generators?

PandaDoc is an all-in-one document creation, delivery, tracking and eSignature tool with proposal generation software at its core. Each of these features are powerful — and so much better when used together with the documentation generator functionality.
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Who uses proposal generators

Sales or company Leadership

Looking to raise the bar to meet sales targets? A sales proposal generator like PandaDoc is your key to producing professionally looking, high-impact sales documents that win more deals. Overhaul your entire contracts and proposals process with streamlined approval workflows and document analytics.

Sales operations or sales enablement

Sales operations managers can now extend existing CRM functionality with robust document automation tools. The outcome? A more scalable, effective sales team spending more time on nurturing prospects and winning deals than admin tasks.

Sales-focused marketing managers

A business proposal generator is an effective way for marketing and sales to work together. With standardized templates and a content library at their fingertips, sales reps can use up-to-date, properly branded marketing content proven to have a high impact on close rates.

Why PandaDoc proposal generator?

All sales collateral in one place

PandaDoc online proposal generator allows you and your team to streamline the creation process with reusable content like product descriptions, legal clauses, and price quotes. Add a pre-built template and image library — and your proposal is halfway done when you’ve only just begun!

Error-free content editing

With our proposal generator, editing, customizing and personalizing your content and quotes has never been easier. Coupled with automated approvals and role-based content locking guarantee that there are no errors when the document is out the door.

Smart collaboration tools

From creation to send, and even after send, dialog happens at every stage of the proposal process. In-document collaboration helps content authors collaborate with co-workers, get approvals and solicit feedback directly on the proposal. Another important feature is document versioning, which helps both parties keep track of document updates during the negotiation process.

Informed prospect nurturing

The online proposal generator improves your document even when the ball is in the prospect’s court. Document analytics provide full visibility into how the recipient interacts with the document: if they opened it, how many times they viewed it, and how long they spent on each page. With such actionable insights at hand, you can anticipate reaction and adjust your follow-up activities.