Proposal automation

Streamline and automate your proposal creation to boost your win rates.

Proposal management made easy

Tools to shorten your sales cycle and respond to RFPs in less time.

Create proposals in seconds with branded proposal templates

Time is a factor when responding to RFPs, but you can’t sacrifice quality for speed. When you use a template to streamline your proposal process, you can get proposals out the door faster without worrying about grammatical and formatting errors that make your sales team appear unprofessional. Import a PDF or a document from Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then upload your company logo and branded images to our content library and use our document editor to create a proposal template that accurately represents your brand. If you want to jumpstart this process, select one of the 400+ pre-built templates from our template library and modify it to make it yours.


Integrate your CRM to import key data into your sales proposal

Good data is critical when creating effective sales proposals, but copying the data from a CRM can be tedious and time-consuming. PandaDoc offers native integrations with many popular CRMs (including Salesforce) so you can import customer data into your sales proposal with ease. To do this, you’ll create customized tokens within your proposal and match the CRM data to the token. The PandaDoc document editor will take care of the rest. Reduce manual inputs and accelerate your proposal process by automating your imports.

Proposal Integrations

Collect e-signatures and payments in a single document

Do you want to know which of your sales reps can seal the deal when issuing an RFP response? Use PandaDoc to acquire electronic signatures and payment during your proposal process by attaching an e-signature signing point and a payment gateway when you create proposals. Our proposal software allows your customer to sign and pay for your service without the need to generate a secondary invoice. Save time by creating less paperwork, and boost your win rates by extracting financial commitments from customers when they e-sign on the dotted line.


Get proposals approved and out the door in less time

When your sales team completes their sales proposal, the document still needs to go through the approval process. This can slow down RFP response time and make it harder to get proposals back to customers. Speed up the approval process by creating automated approval workflows. Once your document is complete, you can set up an automated internal workflow so that all designated approvers can sign off on the sales proposal before it returns to the customer. Shorten your sales cycle by making it even easier for your internal team to review and approve your documents.

Workflow Approval

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Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

How does “proposal automation” work?

The idea behind proposal automation is to use automation and pre-built templates to reduce human error and speed up repetitive business processes. Consider the sections in a typical sales proposal. Many of those sections won’t change regardless of which RFP your sales team responds to. Our proposal automation tools help you consolidate information so that you can build effective proposal templates and send them to the right people for fast approval, signoff, and commitment. Give your sales rep a real-time focus by eliminating redundant processes and allowing them to focus on the things that matter.

Is PandaDoc a proposal management software?

Yes, but PandaDoc is also a document creation platform and a proposal automation software that can help you create effective sales proposals, contracts, and marketing collateral. Most e-signature and proposal management solutions force users to create documents in Microsoft Word or a PDF builder before importing it to their platform. PandaDoc combines document creation and management into a single platform so that your sales team can save time and monitor your documents throughout their entire lifecycle from one place.

What is an approval workflow?

An approval workflow is an agreed-upon internal process that protects a business from unforeseen liabilities and oversights. It’s an important part of any proposal automation software because it helps build better proposals while protecting the company. Imagine that your sales rep incorrectly priced the value of your service on their RFP response. An approval workflow increases the chance that someone in the chain catches the error before signing off, preventing the company from losing bids or entering into contracts where it must operate at a loss.

How many proposal templates can I create?

You can create as many proposals templates, sales documents, and contracts as you want. If your business serves different verticals, use our content management platform to speed up your proposal generation and sales process by empowering team members with the tools they need to create effective sales documents.