Web design proposal software from PandaDoc

Win over prospective clients with stunning proposals designed to communicate the professionalism and expertise of your web design agency. Streamline workflows, automate proposal processes, and track every stage of the proposal lifecycle.

Why choose PandaDoc?

Here’s how web design companies convert prospective clients into raving fans

Quickly create great proposals for design services

Whether you want to showcase your portfolio or deliver a sample mock-up to a prospective client, PandaDoc provides you with all the tools you need. From professional proposal templates and a content library, automated workflows, eSignature fields, etc. to implementing your own brand guidelines through all the documents with design themes, rich media elements, and custom CSS. We’ve accounted for every part of the proposal development process, delivery, and tracking.

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Collect electronic signatures

Electronic signature software is quickly changing the web design proposal landscape. PandaDoc makes it possible to quickly collect signatures without going anywhere near a printer or fax machine. New clients can sign on any device (including mobile and tablet) or in-person. All signatures are legally-binding and fully compliant with ESIGN and UETA laws.


Track every stage of the business proposal process

With our analytics, you can track every single activity associated with your proposals, both before and after they’re sent. Measure the number of opens along with viewing times, for example. It’s also possible to highlight areas for improvement with comments to demonstrate the deep understanding of the project requirements.

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Automate time-consuming tasks

Automation holds the power to radically transform your company processes, enabling you to save time and resources while boosting your close rate. At PandaDoc, we’ve built automation right into the heart of our software, and on average our customers save 12 hours per week per employee. It’s possible to automatically send PDF proposals copies to your cloud storage, quickly add new design elements, share client details across platforms based on your business needs, and more.


Collaborate with ease and confidence

Do you ever feel that team collaboration is a chore? PandaDoc enables effective collaboration by providing comments and automated alerts that can extremely improve sales processes and performance. Also, custom permission settings mean that it’s easy to restrict employee access from editing certain information. Approval automation functions add a further layer of efficiency to your workflow too.


Implement our proposal software in one day

Worried about a lengthy implementation process? With PandaDoc, you can be up and running in no time. Our solution is intuitive, easy to learn, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your onboarding is successful. You’ll also have access to our comprehensive knowledge base which is available to all users.

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PandaDoc delivers serious results for web designers

On average web design agencies and developers boost their close rate by 28%

PandaDoc works with your existing software

At PandaDoc, we understand that your web design proposal software is a cog in a much bigger machine. With that in mind, we’ve built an array of integrations, enabling you to easily connect PandaDoc with your existing CRM, cloud storage, accounting software, payments, and more. Whether you want to work from HubSpot or Salesforce, automatically send PDF copies of completed proposals to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, or instantly process payments with your provider, it’s all possible with PandaDoc.

PandaDoc works with your existing softwarePandaDoc works with your existing software
PandaDoc works with your existing softwarePandaDoc works with your existing software

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Is PandaDoc secure?

At PandaDoc, we’ve undertaken a range of measures to ensure the complete security of your data, documents, and client information. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) secure data-handling centers and are SOC Type 1 certified and fully GDPR compliant.

How does PandaDoc help web design agencies acquire more clients?

We provide a comprehensive paperless solution for streamlining the entire document creation, approval, sending and tracking process. Website design agencies often find that the ability to quickly create stunning proposals helps them garner more clients while saving time. Furthermore, the fact that it’s easier for prospective clients to sign and pay for proposed design services positively boosts close rates.

How much does PandaDoc cost and is there a free trial?

PandaDoc offers three plans. The Individual Plan is ideal for single web designers or solo entrepreneurs. The Business Plan is aimed at medium-sized web design agencies and small companies experiencing fast growth. The Enterprise Plan is best-suited for larger design agencies. Compare the plans on our pricing page. We also offer a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

Does PandaDoc work for different kinds of web development agencies?

It doesn’t matter if your potential clients are individual WordPress users or large enterprises. PandaDoc is designed for agencies offering web design services of all shapes and sizes. We’ve made it easy for you to manage multiple web design projects from a single, feature-rich platform.