Free electronic signature

Quickly upload and eSign documents. Secure your docs for free with the legally binding, ESIGN and UETA compliant electronic signature feature in PandaDoc.

Free electronic signature

How to Use Free eSign + Payments

Sign docs anywhere, anytime

Grant your customers the convenience of electronically signing documents no matter where they are. PandaDoc allows you to simplify the signing process, even for those working remotely, for any business document– from dog walking services to enterprise-level contracts.

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Document Signature Services

Secure, legally-binding electronic signatures

The new business normal doesn’t mean your business should have to sacrifice security. PandaDoc eSignature technology is legally-binding, safe, and ESIGN and UETA compliant. A certificate authenticating the signature is provided with every completed document, giving you peace of mind. Plus, you can require recipient verification via passcode and SMS text as an extra layer of security so you can breathe easy knowing your sensitive information is protected.


Our Free plan is a great starting point

It allows teams of any size to upload, send and e-Sign up to five documents per month.

Document Import

Cross the finish line with payments

What’s more important than the feeling of getting a document signed? Getting paid. In addition to unlimited uploads and signatures, we’re also including our payments feature. Upon signature, your customer can pay via a credit card, PayPal, or ACH payment the moment your doc is completed and signed.

Document Integrations Payment

Sign PDFs and Word docs

Tired of loading up different software tools just to get your document signed? PandaDoc allows you to consolidate all signing actions into a single, unified workflow that works for any type of document. Effortlessly upload and sign PDFs, Word documents, and other file types, like Excel, in record time.

Microsoft Word Online

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5 stars out of 5

Excellent product. Combines several software tools into one platform.

“I like the fact that it integrates well with my CRM (Salesforce) and that it’s possible to edit a document inside the program. At my last company, I used Word and Docusign, which took a long time if I wanted…”

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5 stars out of 5

Very easy to use

“I have used PandaDoc for my organization in the past and my sales team all had positive things to say about sending out contracts and creating them with the system”

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4.5 stars out of 5

Robust platform

“It’s super easy to use. You can upload a contract or proposals, assign fields and send it in a couple minutes. Oh, I also love getting notified when others are viewing the documents so I can reach out if they…”

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5 stars out of 5

Saves tons of time

“I used to hate writing proposals and procrastinate until the 9th hour but now that I have PandaDoc, I really do create my proposals in minimal time.”

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5 stars out of 5

Simple electronic signatures

“Easy to use and setup. The templates work well and once you have the templates setup right then the product works very well.”

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See the free plan in action

Looking for more than eSignatures?

We’ve got additional pricing plans for your growing business.


For creating impressive documents that generate results.

$19 USD Seat cost per month, 2 seats max

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Key features:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. Templates

  3. Real-time tracking and notifications

  4. Rich media drag and drop document editor

  5. Document analytics

  6. 24/7 email and chat support

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For seamless integrations and sending documents in bulk.

$49 USD Seat cost per month

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No credit card required

Everything in Essentials, plus:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. CRM and Zapier integrations

  3. Content library

  4. Custom branding

  5. Approval workflows

  6. Forms*

  7. Bulk send*

  8. Salesforce integration*


For large companies with complex document workflows.

Let’s talk Per‑seat or per‑document pricing

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Everything in Business, plus:
  1. Unlimited document uploads and e-Signatures

  2. Advanced quotes

  3. Smart content

  4. SSO support and custom user roles

  5. Unlimited number of team workspaces

  6. User performance and content reporting

  7. Notary

  8. API*

Save up to 46%

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$19 USD user/mo billed annually

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$49 USD user/mo billed annually

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Per-seat or per-document pricing

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Documents sent
Seat limit


Activity tracking and notifications
Audit trail and document analytics
Drag-and-drop editor
Rich media
Custom branding
Content library
Bulk send
Content locking

Admin Controls

Unlimited number of team workspaces
Custom user roles

API & Integrations


Security & Compliance

U.S. ESIGN Act of 2000
annual plan only
annual plan only
annual plan only
annual plan only
Data residency in US or EU


Web ticket and email support 24/7
Chat support 24/7
Explore the API

Do you have more questions about eSignatures?

Are electronic signatures secure?

Yes, eSignature technology from PandaDoc is legally-binding, ESIGN, and UETA compliant. We also provide an electronic certificate with every signed document, and can even password protect PDFs to verify eSignatures.

How do I create a signing order?

If you want to send your document to one person at a time in a specific order for multiple signatures, you’ll need to create a signing order.  Visit the PandaDoc Help Center here to learn more.

Are electronic signatures legal?

In most countries, electronic signatures are legal. To make things easier we’ve outlined the legality of electronically signed contracts when working across international borders here.

How do I know when my document is signed?

Your PandaDoc dashboard will tell you if your document is complete. You will also receive an eSignature certificate when you download the doc.

What types of documents can I e-sign when using the Free eSign plan?

Using our Free eSign plan, it’s possible to safely and securely sign any type of document that can be uploaded to PandaDoc, including PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs, and Word documents. While you won’t be able to create new documents, you’ll be able to add signature fields to any document that you can upload.

Does the Free eSign Plan come with restrictions?

The Free eSign plan will allow you to upload prewritten documents, securely sign them, and collect payments from them using our payment gateways. However, you won’t be able to create new documents from scratch or access any of our branding, analytics, or template tools.

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