PandaDoc for FreshBooks


Automatically create invoices in your FreshBooks account when clients sign your PandaDoc proposals or contracts.

Save time and resources with effortless invoicing

Automated invoice creation

An invoice will automatically generate in your FreshBooks accounting software when a client signs your proposal, quote, or contract. You can predefine pricing information, which works well if you’re offering a service for a set price or allows clients to select from different pricing options. Once the draft invoice has been created in FreshBooks, you just need to review and hit send. You can set specific invoice generation rules for different types of documents, like proposals and contracts, by attaching rules to templates. Upon client approval, any document created from a specific template will then generate a custom-made invoice.

Full control over invoice details

Just because invoice generation is automated doesn’t mean you have to lose control over how invoices are created. You can set due dates, pricing options, and add personalized notes to recipients. If you want to create an invoice before a potential client signs, or during the document creation process, you can do so with just a few clicks. The draft will be ready and waiting in FreshBooks for when you decide to send it. Automated approval rules also ensure that the right people sign off on invoices before they’re set, cutting the possibility of mistakes. You can also create rules to send partial invoices, such as for deposits, discounts, or multiple/partial payments.

Eliminate errors and streamline document workflows

The PandaDoc for FreshBooks integration streamlines your whole document workflow. Invoices will only be sent after a client has approved a contract with a legally-binding electronic signature, which will be stored securely by PandaDoc. You can then set timed, automated emails to gently remind customers of unpaid invoices. Need to send invoices to multiple recipients? No problem. PandaDoc allows several recipients to sign the same document. PandaDoc pricing tables, which are used to determine the amount requested in the invoice, also include tax details to ensure accurate accounting figures.

Track the deal progress

PanadaDoc analytics provides you with a full-picture of your proposal and contract-related activity. Track time spent on each page, document opens, approval stages, payments, and more. See when a recipient has signed a contract and is awaiting an invoice or when an invoice has been sent but has not been paid. It’s also possible to test different variations of invoices and online payment options (like credit cards or PayPal payments) to make it easier for customers to pay.