PandaDoc for Xero


Transform your proposals, contracts, and quotes into Xero invoices.

Invoicing made easy

Close the gap between sales and accounting to reduce time spent on invoice generation.

Automate invoice creation for signed documents

With auto-generation enabled, new invoices will be added as drafts to your Xero account when the customer accepts the proposal or signs the contract. After a quick review and approval, you’re ready to send your doc in minutes.

Convert proposals into invoices with one click

In addition to automatic generation from accepted proposals, you can also create invoices from a PandaDoc document at any deal stage. With one click new invoices are created as drafts in Xero accounting software and linked to your PandaDoc document.

Create multiple invoices for one contract

When your terms include a prepayment or a deposit request, split the total proposal amount into several invoices. You can create multiple Xero invoices in the online accounting software according to the percentage split you set.

Unify invoice creation rules for routine docs

For routine documents, add the Xero invoice settings to at template level in PandaDoc. Any new document created from this template will be converted into invoices with the same settings.

Link invoices to sales documents

Open the related invoices in Xero right from a PandaDoc document to review, approve, or send them to your customer. Follow the links listed in the top of the Xero module in your documents.

Adjust tax inclusion rules for generated invoices

For an accurate revenue recognition, adjust tax settings for your invoices generated from PandaDoc proposal software. Select whether your new invoice amount will be tax inclusive or tax exclusive for accurate accounting data.

Improve efficiency

Become an accuracy champion

Create error-free invoices faster than ever. With our Xero integration all line items, pricing, discounts, and contact data are added to Xero invoices from PandaDoc proposals automatically.

Automate invoice generation

Enable invoice generation settings in your PandaDoc account. Next, initiate invoice auto-generation once a document is signed or simply click to create new Xero invoices at any deal stage.

Gain invoicing flexibility

Connect interactive quotes and invoices with little effort. When a customer chooses from the optional products, the invoice is populated with the selected items automatically.

Frequently asked questions

Can I send documents for eSignature with PandaDoc?

Absolutely. All subscription plans include legally-binding eSignatures with advanced eSigning functionality. Other electronic signature software providers typically charge more for such features.

Do I need to install additional software to integrate Xero with PandaDoc?

No, this is a native PandaDoc integration which means the Xero integration is built right into our quoting software. Just connect your PandaDoc and Xero accounts and you’re ready to go.

How do I enable the Xero integration?

Open your Workspace accounts and click the Integrations section. Scroll down to find the tile with the Xero logo. It will be disabled by default. Click on the tile, then click the “Connect Xero” button and follow the prompts to authorize PandaDoc to access your Xero account.