PandaDoc for NetSuite


Add proposal and contract creation, document management, and eSigning features to NetSuite, the powerful ERP CRM toolkit.

Create proposals and contracts and send them for signing without leaving NetSuite

Full access to your contracts, sales proposals, and quotes

NetSuite enables businesses to manage every part of the customer relationship, from support to inventory management, using a single dashboard. The PandaDoc NetSuite integration provides a powerful set of tools for creating, organizing, and tracking important sales documents without the need to leave the NetSuite CRM, thus adding to its already-powerful collection of features. All PandaDoc features are available from NetSuite, including the collaborative document editor, electronic signature software, and embeddable payments. Quickly populate documents with client details and pricing information stored in NetSuite and automate approval workflows.

Track and get insights for every deal stage

NetSuite provides an unparalleled overview of the whole customer lifecycle – spanning the journey from lead to established client and beyond. The integrated solution of PandaDoc and NetSuite adds essential information to this picture. Monitor all proposal-related activities and see exactly when a recipient opens, views, approves, and signs a document. These insights allow you to identify if a lead is stalling and send a personalized message to prompt them to re-engage. Create new lead scoring rules based on proposal activity to target the most promising leads and quickly respond to requests for proposals, contracts, or quotes.

Put automation at the heart of your business and proposal workflows

NetSuite already provides a powerful suite of marketing and sales automation tools. PandaDoc improves on this feature-set by enabling you to automate proposal and contract creation and tracking in conjunction with other important business processes. Sales reps and managers often waste time on laborious document-related tasks. Now, they can produce high-quality documents in a fraction of the time. This is made possible by a host of automation tools, including collaboration features, automated approval flows, fast document creation from templates, and a content library that stores important legal texts.

Include proposal-specific data in your analytics reports

Combine data from both NetSuite and PandaDoc to create in-depth reports that provide a detailed picture of all your marketing and sales activities. This real-time data gives sales reps the tools they need to make fast, informed decisions to close deals and drive more revenue. Furthermore, having a complete overview of your proposal process allows you to iron out any issues and streamline future processes.

Receive fast approval with eSignatures

Make handwritten signatures a thing of the past with PandaDoc electronic signatures. Add eSignatures to contracts, proposals, and quotes in NetSuite before sending for speedy client approval. It doesn’t matter if you need one signature or a dozen. PandaDoc boasts industry-leading security and storage so you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your signatures.