PandaDoc for Braintree


Our integration will make it easy to add Braintree payment options to PandaDoc documents. You’ll close more deals, streamline your workflows, and provide clients with the benefit of the secure checkout process.

Add payment options to PandaDoc quotes and proposals with the Braintree integration

Receive payments as soon as a proposal is accepted and signed

By including Braintree payment options in your PandaDoc documents, whether they’re quotes, proposals, or contracts, your giving your clients the ability to quickly and easily send immediate payments via their preferred payment method. It doesn’t matter if they prefer PayPal, their existing Braintree account, or a debit or credit card. Once they’ve signed a document, they can click on the appropriate Braintree button and the appropriate payment form and can complete the process in seconds.

Document design and editing made simple

PandaDoc was built with one goal in mind: to help you streamline sales workflows and boost results. Adding Braintree buttons, and configuring payment details, is a simple matter of dragging-and-dropping the appropriate field into your quote or proposal. It takes seconds to set up and it doesn’t matter whether you will want to offer a single payment button, multiple pricing options or an installment plan.

Commitment to security and customer service

One reason that more businesses are opting for is because of their unique combination of high-quality security and customer service. Braintree boasts practices that rank among the best in the space. What’s more, your clients can complete payments without sharing any of their credit card numbers with third parties, adding a further layer of ease to the whole process. All major credit card types are accepted without sharing card information.

Same-day online payments and real-time analytics

PandaDoc is a fully comprehensive paperless solution, allowing you to coordinate all aspects of your document workflows into one. Our document analytics enables you to keep track of signed documents and payment information with minimum data-crunching. With the PandaDoc Braintree integration clients can pay for your services as soon as they receive a quote or proposal, often on the same day that it’s sent and on a variety of devices including Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.