Why PandaDoc is a great alternative to Scrive

Switch to PandaDoc from Scrive and enjoy better document creation, unlimited documents, and fast automation.

Document Limit 2500 Unlimited
Custom Branding
Salesforce Integration
Template Library
Online Editor
Embed Images and Video
Built-in Collaboration
Additional CRM Integrations
Automated Workflows
Content Library
Custom Roles and Permissions

Superior document creation

Whether you’re working on standard forms or complex proposals, document creation is faster and easier with PandaDoc. The drag and drop PandaDoc editor allow you to craft convincing proposals and detailed contracts in minutes. Add PandaDoc to your CRM to automatically merge product and contact data into documents as you create them.

Unlimited documents

PandaDoc is a scalable digital document solution thanks to our simple infinite approach to documents. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are or which plan you choose; PandaDoc documents are always unlimited. Stop worrying about document limits or surprise charges when you switch to PandaDoc.

Better automation

PandaDoc automation streamlines document processes so your team can focus on getting things done. PandaDoc automates document completion and approval to reduce errors, eliminate delays, and make your team more efficient. Custom approval workflows automatically trigger document review, and approved documents are automatically sent to customers. Data merge from CRM adds critical data to your documents to ensure completion and accuracy.

True ROI

PandaDoc pays for itself with increased efficiency, close rates, compliance, and satisfaction. We deliver more functionality per dollar than any other digital document solution. Our customers have reported amazing results after switching to PandaDoc, including up to a 30% increase in close rate.

Scrive versus PandaDoc

Powerful analytics

Stay on top of the documents you send with detailed document analytics from PandaDoc. Access a top-down view of overall document usage, status, and performance. Drill down to see who’s viewed each sent document, and how long they’ve spent on each page.

Dozens of integrations

Connect PandaDoc to your CRM, payment gateway, accounting software, or cloud storage with one of our over 20 integrations.

Centralized collaboration

No endless email threads with PandaDoc. Provide feedback and answer questions with our built-in commenting feature in every document.

Interactive pricing tables

Speed up sales and improve customer satisfaction with interactive pricing tables. Allow customers to choose the items they want and edit quantities without requiring an entirely new quote.

Publish documents online

Got a PDF form that you’d like to publish on your website? Just upload it to PandaDoc and paste the automatically generated embed code on your site. Submitted forms can be added to your PandaDoc account and your integrated CRM.

Rapid deployment

PandaDoc is designed to deploy faster than any other digital document solution. There’s no software to install and no programming required. Just sign up, upload your content and templates, and configure users to start sending documents in the same day.

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