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PandaDoc 101

WEDNESDAY, April 26th, 2017, 1:30 PM EST
with James Marketon
Length: 40 min — 1 hr

All you need to know to jump-start creating your first document (and more!) with PandaDoc.

Attend our webinar to learn how to create fast and easy documents. We will take you through step by step on how to upload, create and send a document. We will discuss features such as Dashboard, Clients, Templates, and Integrations. There will also be a full question and answer session at the end. Let’s get you rolling!

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PandaDoc Add-on Store and Features

Tuesday,  April 25, 2017, 1:00 pm EST
with James Marketon
Length: 30 Minutes

Come join us for this 30 minute webinar to discuss the new PandaDoc add-on Store and all the features
you can use for your PandaDoc account. We will discuss why the PandaDoc team created this new store,
where to find inside of PandaDoc and overview of all 20+ features available in the store.

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PandaDoc Electronic Signatures

Coming soon
with James Marketon
Length: 30 minutes

In this 30 minute “how-to” webinar, we’ll walk through on how to use the PandaDoc E-Signature solution for all of your PandaDoc documents. We’ll discuss using “fields” for your uploaded and editor created templates and documents.

PandaDoc Templates and Content Library Basics

Coming soon
with Tara McWhite
Length: 60 minutes

In this 60-minute “how-to” webinar, we’ll walk through all the basics so that you can build editable templates in PandaDoc. We’ll create a template from start to finish, assign roles with signing order, create a workflow, save content library sections, and more!

PandaDoc Design Basics

Coming Soon
with Tara McWhite
Length: 30 min — 1 hr

This 30-minute “how-to” webinar will help you translate your brand into PandaDoc so that you can send beautiful documents to your clients. We’ll discuss cover page background design, image resolution, making the most of PandaDoc’s building blocks, and other basic design elements that will help you customize the look and feel of your PandaDoc templates.

PandaDoc Design Advanced

Coming Soon
with Tara McWhite
Length: 45 min – 1 hr

This 45-minute “how-to” webinar will help you understand how to use basic CSS skills inside PandaDoc templates to get the most customized look and feel. We’ll discuss importing custom fonts, applying styles to selectors, how to locate the appropriate selectors in a PandaDoc template, how to apply styles to web version vs PDF, and more!

*Basic CSS experience suggested for this webinar.

PandaDoc Catalog and Pricing Table

Coming Soon
with James Marketon
Length: 40 min – 1 hr

In this 45-minute “how-to” webinar, we’ll walk through all the basics so you build your catalog and create quotes in PandaDoc. We’ll create a catalog from start to finish and show you how to get the most from pricing tables including how to incorporate discounts, taxes and margins.


Recordings of our webinars can be found here.

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