Trial Agreement by Onomondo

You can quickly finalize service trials with potential clients by using this robust trial agreement template by onomondo. Stop wasting time with document generation and instead focus on building relationships.

What is a trial agreement template?

When it comes to providing potential clients with a trial of its services, Onomondo has years of experience. That’s why the company created its easy-to-use, in-depth trial agreement template: to make the process simpler. 

A trial agreement template is a prebuilt document that includes information about a company’s trial services and the terms and conditions offered to a prospect. It informs the potential client about the services they’ll receive and collects their signature to finalize the agreement. 

The trial agreement template that onomondo produced makes it easy to create and finalize service test periods. The template contains standardized elements, from simple formatting to robust legal language covering the terms of the trial. 

Instead of building your trial agreements from scratch every time, you can rely on this template. It’s as simple as filling in relevant client details. Your team will save time in document creation, which means you have more bandwidth to build relationships with your clients.

What is a trial agreement template used for?

Many SaaS and IT companies offer service trials to their prospects. A trial agreement lays out the terms for the test period, including important information like the start and end dates and what services the company will provide. Once the prospect signs it, the agreement becomes a legal contract between the two companies.

The first several pages of Onomondo’s template describe the company’s background, the people involved in the trial, and how the trial will proceed. The rest of the document collects information from the prospect such as shipping addresses, the names of potential users, and a signature and date. 

The document guarantees that your prospects have all the information they need, and your company has proof that the prospects agreed to the terms and conditions. It helps both you and your potential clients begin your business relationship on a more secure footing.

Can you use eSignature on your trial agreement?

Yes, eSignature software is an excellent addition to your trial agreement. To speed up the document workflow, onomondo has added PandaDoc’s eSignature software into its template. There’s no need to print forms or mail documents anymore — PandaDoc allows you to instantly get signatures. 

That’s because PandaDoc’s eSignature software connects your documents to the cloud. Prospects can fill out and sign the agreement as soon as they receive it. Once they’ve completed it, you’ll receive a notification so your team can get started right away. 

The Onomondo trial agreement template is an excellent example of how to simplify your document workflow. You can use eSignature fields to keep your lead generation process flowing smoothly and stop wasting time on unnecessary printing and shipping.

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