4 steps to supporting sales with content marketing


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Struggling to get sales to use your content?

Most marketing teams to do. They spend 99.9% of their time creating eBooks, whitepapers, blog posts that never gets used by sales.

So how do you start to get them to use it? In our eBook “4 Steps to supporting sales with content marketing”, we’re helping you work better together with sales to create compelling content that turns leads into customers.

What’s included:

  • Understanding sales needs.
    Your content strategy needs to not only meet the needs of your prospect’s demands but it should also meet the needs of the entire sales team.
  • Don’t forget the entire funnel.
    Typically marketing is creating content for lead generation but for sales to actually use the content marketing must address the entire sales funnel.
  • Measure, measure, and measure again.
    Content should not be a ‘set it and forget it’ solution, it must be evaluated constantly to understand its success.