How to close more deals with sales content

How to close more deals with sales content

“Content marketing” is a term that seems to be on every marketer’s lips. And creating an effective content marketing plan seems simple enough – create some great content, promote it, and let the clicks and conversions flow in. If only it were that simple.

The real difficulty arises when you try to coordinate all the different parts of your team. Specifically, what happens when sales disagree with your content ideas? Marketing-qualified leads aren’t converting, your sales team wants more content geared towards customer conversion rather than acquisition, too many resources are being funneled into poor-performing content – the list of complaints goes on.

The simple way to get your sales team on board

In our eBook, “4 Steps to Supporting Sales With Content,” you’ll learn how to overcome all the problems associated with poor marketing-sales alignment. We’ve identified the main problems that marketing teams experience, along with the best ways to overcome them.

What you’ll learn in this eBook

We’ve split this book into four parts, each one corresponding to a key issue faced by marketing teams when attempting to get their sales team on board with their content marketing strategy. In particular, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand the needs of your sales reps
  • How to create content for the whole sales funnel, not just to generate new leads
  • How to make your content shareable and boost the number of shares you get on social media
  • Which metrics to use to gauge the effectiveness of your content marketing (and which to ignore).

All of the tips are simple, easy to implement and based on years of experience with our clients at PandaDoc.