Why you should partner with ISVs and how to do it well

Why you should partner with ISVs and how to do it well

The key steps for creating ISV partnership

It’s virtually impossible for companies to meet the needs of their customers with a single software solution. Often, partnering with a third-party software vendor to supplement your own offering is a great way to better serve your customers while also receiving extra revenue.

Offering third-party solutions can seem daunting. Especially if you’re a bit of a purist when it comes to your own solution, you might deem it unnecessary. But the truth is that many top brands, including PandaDoc, utilize ISV relationships. And customers are almost always happier because of it.

Partnering with an ISV can boost your customers’ satisfaction

While partnering with an ISV can boost your recurring revenue and your market share, it ultimately comes down to customers. At PandaDoc we work with many resellers, and our customers are invariably more satisfied.

ISVs can help you better cater to a variety of customers, helping them build a tech stack that really works for them.

What you’ll learn in this eBook

We’ve structured this eBook in two parts. First, we cover the benefits of partnering with an ISV. Second, we look at the best ways for you to find a partner.

In particular, we cover:

  • Five key reasons to consider partnering with an ISV.
  • How to identify your customers’ needs and pinpoint the software solutions that will best serve them.
  • How to find the right partner.
  • How to establish a strong working relationship that benefits both you and your clients.

By the end of it, you won’t be in any doubt about how to find an ISV partner and why you owe it to your customers.