Easier than buying a Tesla: fixing your CX with one new hire

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc

Nick Cisko

Nick Cisko Customer Experience Program Lead at PandaDoc

How do you create a better buying experience for your customers? It starts with removing friction from the customer journey. 

In this episode of The Customer Engagement Lab, host Travis Tyler sits down with Nick Cisko, Customer Experience Lead at PandaDoc, to discuss why businesses need a dedicated customer experience person if they really want to see, understand, and fix areas of customer friction.

Remember that PandaDoc secret shopper we talked about in Episode 37? That’s Nick. He will talk more about his secret shopper experiment and share what he’s doing to create a better buying experience for PandaDoc prospects. 

We also dive into:

  • The difference between customer experience, customer success, and customer support
  • The benefits of having a good customer experience
  • The importance of customer experience for B2B brands