Couples counseling to align Sales and CS teams

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Sr. Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Mid-Market Account Executive at Sapling

Ryanne Doumet

Ryanne Doumet Sr. Manager, Customer Success at PandaDoc

Sales and customer success teams aren’t enemies, but they aren’t best friends. If you ask any seasoned vet from each department, you’re sure to hear grievances about the lack of alignment between the two departments. 

Both sales and customer success are extremely important for increasing your business’ revenue and creating a smooth experience for your customers. So, how can you bridge the gap between the two powerhouses? 

In this episode, Travis is joined in studio by Patrick Downs, Mid-Market Account Executive at Sapling, and Ryanne Doumet, Sr. Manager of Customer Success at PandaDoc, for a healthy conversation around sales and customer success alignment.

We dive into: 

  • How to break silos between sales and customer success teams
  • Why you shouldn’t make sales responsible for churn
  • Best practices for improving the customer handover process