How to sell a washer and dryer to a director of marketing

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Sales Enablement & Training Manager

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy Director of Marketing, Privy

Patrick loves product marketing.

(Sounds like the title of a kids’ book, doesn’t it?)

He thinks he knows a lot about it.

Really, he doesn’t know sh*t. (We’ll leave that line out of the kids’ book). 

But that doesn’t mean that he lacks a valuable opinion.

Today, let’s talk about brand affinity and product marketing — but with an expert.

On this episode of The Customer Engagement Lab, our guest is Daniel Murphy, director of marketing at Privy

Together with Dan, we discuss:

  • What buying a house taught Dan about B2B branding
  • The value of taking a simple position
  • Why facts and research-based content aren’t driving your sales
  • Who’s winning in brand positioning right now… and how you can win, too