Marketing Fails, Angry Emails & How to Move from Sales to Marketing

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Content Specialist

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Kale Juice Drinker

Tara Horstmeyer

Tara Horstmeyer Communication Strategist

Engaging your customers takes a village — or at least, several different people who used to work in an office together before the world changed.

But it’s not their titles that make them fit for the job…

It’s their skills.

That’s why Patrick and Travis were happy to sit down with Tara Horstmeyer, Communication Strategist, to learn how she has used her unique set of skills to engage customers across a wide range of titles.

In this episode:

  • Patrick and Travis dissect major marketing fails
  • Patrick decodes an angry email
  • Tara explains her many titles and skills
  • Tara shares her insights on how to better engage your customers