Outreach That Works on a CEO: Using Video, Humor, & Decision Makers

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Content Specialist

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Sales Enablement & Training Manager

Mikita Mikado

Mikita Mikado CEO

Getting a CEO’s attention with your emails ain’t easy.

It also isn’t worth your time (probably).

In this episode, Travis and Patrick bring on PandaDoc CEO, Mikita Mikado. Together they bust open some myths on digital outreach to CEOs. They discuss what breaks through the noise for a man that gets 20-50 cold sales outreaches a day.

Highlights include:

  • Looking at why LinkedIn is such a cringe-fest
  • Reacting to KFC’s bold content campaign (A Recipe for Seduction)
  • Using puppetry in a sales video to get Mikita’s attention

(Plus, stick around until the end and, as a bonus, Patrick will embarrass himself for your entertainment.)