Smiling and dialing with creativity and resiliency year after year

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Sr. Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc

Amelia Taylor

Amelia Taylor Account Executive at Carabiner Group

Amelia Taylor is an account executive at Carabiner Group with over 10+ years of sales experience. 

In this episode, Amelia sits down with Travis Tyler to talk about how she remains optimistic, innovative, and creative in cold outreach and follow-up. The seasoned sales vet will evaluate creative outreach approaches like cameo videos and quirky gift-giving and listen in on a few cold calls. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to book more meetings and standout with creative follow-ups 
  • Best ways to shrug off rejections from cold calls
  • The benefits of joining the right sales community