Using voice memos and getting your startup acquired

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Content Specialist

Patrick "Big Daddy" Downs

Patrick "Big Daddy" Downs Sales Enablement & Training Manager

Adam Swartz

Adam Swartz Director of New Business, MULTIPLY

Voice memos or Venmo Requests?

Which one works better for getting someone’s attention?

In this episode, Travis and Patrick bring on Adam Swartz, Director of New Business at MULTIPLY. Together they review some voice memos that a mysterious seller sent to Adam. They talk about how they do and don’t work on LinkedIn. Afterward, the guys talk about Venmo requests, Patrick’s terrible idea, and more!

Highlights include:

  • Patrick thinks sales stats are bullshit
  • Travis sings NSYNC Backstreet Boys songs
  • Voice memos make Adam feel like he’s being ticketed by the police