We hate safe, boring content and we do not care who knows!

Remember when your teacher announced an “educational” game? You knew the word “educational” was school-code for “boring.” 

It’s the same with “B2B content.” Why is B2B content always so damn safe, boring, and predictable?

If you’ve ever seen our show, you know we don’t do predictable things. We’re not safe, and we’re never boring. We eat stuff that’ll kill you just to get clicks. 

But we still struggle with the temptation to create one more “educational” webinar and call it B2B content.

In this episode of The Customer Engagement Lab, we talk about how to create B2B content that doesn’t suck. Our guest is Margot Mazur, Principal Marketing Manager, Strategic Partnerships at HubSpot.

We discuss:

  • The alternative to simple, broad, and boring
  • What Patrick has learned since turning 29
  • The most creative marketing outreach Margot has ever seen
  • What beats creative videos when doing B2B marketing