You sell like a clown with Becc Holland

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Team Lead, Outbound Account Executive

Becc Holland

Becc Holland CEO & Founder of Flip the Script

Why would you ever ask your prospect what their use case is?

Does your doctor ask you to tell them what virus you have? Of course not.

Be the doctor: Find your prospects problem — and solve it.

If you don’t approach your prospects this way, it’s probably best not to tell today’s guest, Becca Holland, CEO and Founder of Flip the Script, because she’ll let you know: You’re doing it wrong.

In this episode:

  • Becca receives a personalized message from the one and only Sailor Twift
  • Becca breaks down our outreach copy 
  • We discuss the keys to personalization at scale